How to increase your swing speed like Bryson DeChambeau

Check out these simple golf tips for massive distance gains with PGA pro Steven Went...

How to increase your swing speed like Bryson DeChambeau
How to increase your swing speed like Bryson DeChambeau

Fancy improving the consistency of your golf swing, thus increase your swing speed in the process? Well you have arrived at the right place as we caught up with PGA pro Steven Went to learn some simple tips and advice on how to do just that when you next head down the practice range. 

Watch Steven's latest video instruction below to learn more...


1) We want to make sure the swing arc you have got stays consistent. The radius here is what helps you to gain distance. What we see with a lot of people who come to see me is a bit of a bent arm, or they have an over swing and you get the slight bend in the left arm. What that is going to cause is when you swing through, you get the chicken swing, or you have inconsistent strikes and distances. 

2) Okay, here are two ways to help improve your width on the way back and get a better strike position, while giving you more width and extension on the way through with the club to prevent you from getting that chicken wing position. All we need is a resistance band. Get it over your neck, pull it down so you've got the tension, then get your hands on the club and grip it. You want a nice bit of stretch and resistance in the band. As you go back, you want to keep as much of that resistance as you can. You don't want it be loose. Keep the resistance on the way back, and as you turn through you want to maintain the resistance with the band out in front of you. If you bend and get the chicken wing, you lose all the resistance. Keep as much tension in the band as possible for this drill to work well. 

3) If you feel you're not quite getting the feedback you want, you can try this one. Get the band under your lead foot, so you get a bit of tension at the start. Swing to the top, get the tension, the tension will then relax as it goes down, strike the ball, then you get the tension back again. See which one works best for you, but these are two great drills to help you strike the ball more consistently. You only have to use half swings to make this work. These are drills to give you the feel of when you swing back, you keep the width away from your body. 


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