How to stop rushing your downswing with 3 key drills

Get yourself an Orange Whip Training Aid and then watch the transformation in your golf swing...

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Fri, 26 Jun 2020

Looking to nail your downswing? Here are three key drills that will stop you rushing your downswing in order to receive an easy looking swing that creates effortless power and control, courtesy of Danny Maude, Head PGA pro at Canterbury Golf Club.

How you start the downswing sequence is really important, and in this video you will see how one particular training aid can help transform your golf swing...



1. When you swing back, there needs to be an order of sequence. It starts from the ground with your feet, followed by your torso, followed by your arms, followed by your hands. The people who hit it long distance and make it look effortless, do exactly that. We want to create the feet moving, the torso moving, the arm moving, and finally, there is a firing of the golf club. Now I want you to work on pull power instead of push power (watch the video from 1:50 for this, and to learn about a very simple pull vs push power drill).

2. Once you have worked on the pull power drill, I now want you to focus on your breathing to help you complete your backswing and then through to your downswing. Take a deep breath in on the backswing, and then exhale as you accelerate into your downswing (watch the video from 5:40 for this).

3. Now I want you to work with an Orange Whip Training Aid, as it will completely transform your golf swing. This training aid will help to speed up the entire process and help you complete the swing. When you can feel a big weight, you can sense where it is and pull it through the impact area. You will then pull the weight through the impact area for maximum power, because it makes sense to do that. This exercise helps you to feel the natural transition (watch the video from 7:10 to learn about this drill).



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