REVEALED: the correct BALL POSITION from Driver through to Putter!

Here's where you should put the golf ball in your stance with every club in your bag...

REVEALED: the correct BALL POSITION from Driver through to Putter!
REVEALED: the correct BALL POSITION from Driver through to Putter!

Ever wondered if you really have the golf ball in the right spot? While there is no exact one position due to the type of shot you may be required to play, this little 'ball position shuffle' drill courtesy of 'Online Golf and Fitness' does at least give you a rough guide on where the golf ball should be in your stance. 

The video, which was reposted on the popular Scratch Golf Tips Instagram page to its 300,000 followers, shows you in quick-fire steps where your golf ball should ideally be positioned when it comes to normal full shots with your driver, fairway woods, long irons, mid irons, wedges and putter. 

Some of you may disagree with a few of these positions, but we think it's pretty spot on. 

The only word of warning we would say is that if you want to play a certain type of shot, i.e. a lower shot with a shorter iron, then you will want to have the ball a little further back in your stance. 

On the whole though, we think this drill is pretty cool - at least for normal full shots with each of your clubs. 




"Ball position for different clubs is something many amateur golfers don’t fully understand, but this video from @flatsgolfnfitness provides a great foundational understanding of ball positioning," says Scratch Golf Tips. 

"It should also be known that ball positioning varies for everyone, so play around with ball positioning for each club and see what works for you."

Some fans are loving the drill, while others are not quite so sure.

"So you want people to be dancing on the tee box?!"

"Well that's definitely not where I have the ball when I'm pitching - all depends on the type of shot you want to play I guess."

"Definitely going to try this at the weekend, I haven't a clue where I should be standing so thanks."

"Driver and fairway woods are definitely spot on. Ball position for irons can really be anywhere based on the shot you want to play."

"That confused me a lot for a second, then I realised I'm a Lefty!"

"Nice drill, all over this."

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