These 10 tips will help you save the most strokes

Bump and run, putting under pressure, stop slicing - learn these tips to save shots fast. 

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These 10 tips will help you save the most strokes


High handicappers often make the same mistakes. They often play with a crippling slice, spend five strikes in the bunker, or blade it through the green when chipping.

We’ve collated 10 tips that will eliminate these common errors, and you should see your scores shoot down when you put them in play.

Bump and run


Stop throwing it up in the air like Phil Mickelson every time your around the greens - instead, play the percentages and choose the bump and run.

There's a lot less that can go wrong, and it's an easy shot to  pull out the bag once you get the hang of it.


Stop slicing your driver


One of the most common sights on the golf course - a ball flying to the right off the tee.

Learn to cut out that slice in seconds...


Learn to play under pressure


As you tee it up on the stretch looking to beat your best score, there will undoubtedly be nerves. As you tee it up on a hole you dislike, there will be nerves.  But that shouldn’t mean you start making mistakes.

Learn to master the mental side of golf, and your scores will flourish.