Historic Welsh golf club launches appeal for donations

St Idloes Golf Club in need of donations for survival due to coronavirus pandemic...

Historic Welsh golf club launches appeal for donations
Historic Welsh golf club launches appeal for donations

The historic St Idloes Golf Club in Wales has launched an appeal for donations or income in a bid to survive during the coronavirus lockdown, according to the Country Times

The golf club, which was established in 1897, claims to be enduring "extremely difficult" circumstances after closing its doors following the COVID-19 pandemic that fell just weeks after the course experienced high rainfall and flooding. 

In a club statement, St Idloes GC is now calling upon its members and supporters to help raise £15,000 via its GoFundMe page

"We have no income for the foreseeable future, this will not only affect our loyal, hard working staff and volunteers," read the club's statement.

"Unfortunately, due to the heavy rainfall that we experienced in Mid Wales throughout 2020, playing opportunities had been limited. Eventually the rainfall stopped, some golf was played and then the coronavirus hit us.

"Therefore we are appealing to our members, supporters and friends to assist if at all possible.

"All funds will go directly to St Idloes Golf Club to ensure that we are able to keep things afloat during the crisis. Once this crisis has ended we hope that you will come and enjoy our golf course.”

So far the club has received  the club received £860 at the time of this article being published.

"Excellent start and a huge thank you to everyone who has donated so far," said the club.

St Idloes GC's website reads: "The club has always drawn its membership from the local people. Golf may be an elitist sport elsewhere in the country, but in a small country town where everybody knows one another nothing could be further from the truth. The club has a wonderful friendly atmosphere, which is extended without reservation to visitors."


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