Innovative probiotic treatment for golf course ponds and lakes is launched

Eco-benign probiotic range designed to maintain golf resort lakes

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Wed, 30 Sep 2020
Innovative probiotic treatment for golf course ponds and lakes is launched

A new range of eco-benign pond and lake treatments specifically designed to improve water quality has been launched worldwide by a Cardiff-based research company.

Genesis Biosciences developed its new Evogen Pond and Lake range following two years and £2.5million in innovative research and development, trials and testing.

The range consists of powder, tablet and liquid based products containing application-specific, non-pathogenic, beneficial microbial blends.

These blends works synergistically with both the environment and local ecology to tackle contaminants and degrade organic matter generated from plant material, fish and animal waste whilst also acting to improve the health of the aquatic ecology in closed water systems.



Dr Chris Charles, Wastewater and Water Treatment specialist at Genesis Biosciences, said: “Hotels and Golf resorts with large green spaces will often use fertilisers in order to maintain the quality of the fairway and green, however, this can cause the contamination of onsite and nearby water bodies. An increased level of both phosphorous and nitrogen within a pond or lake will cause the algae to grow creating the perfect breeding ground for pests such as mosquitos, as well as generating an unpleasant odour.

“This pungent smell – often compared to rotten egg – is caused when water becomes stagnant and specialist microorganisms appear that breathe sulphate instead of oxygen and produce sulphide instead of carbon dioxide. 

“A common method of tackling odour issues is through aeration, whereby a fountain for example, causes movement of the water which disturbs algae growth and turns off sulphate reduction. Although effective, this method might not be able to adequately or cost effectively service an entire water body. 

“Genesis Biosciences’ Pond and Lake products, contain a unique blend of beneficial microbes specially selected to tackle the common issues associated with poor water quality by using their diverse metabolic capabilities to disrupt algal growth and mop up excess food and potential pollutants . These microbes work quickly to break down organic waste from fish, unconsumed food dead and decaying vegetation and fibrous materials. Thereby helping to manage sediment, scum & muck build up as well as odours. This ability to manage organic debris also assists in maintaining filter and aeration equipment, keeping lines, pumps, and fixtures running freely.

In addition to improving water clarity and quality, the colonisation of fish by the Bacillus microorganisms present in the product range has the potential to improve both health and growth by improving food digestion, bolstering immune response and tackling common pathogens.” 

The Evogen Pond and Lake range, available direct from Genesis Biosciences’ website, is a versatile tool to assist in the management and maintenance of water bodies helping to keep costs down and water quality high. It is easy to apply, works in all water types, requires minimal PPE and is safe for both staff and the environment.