Walking in the footsteps of history

Reviews of historic courses land Golfmagic members a pair of the latest Stuburt Profile shoes.

Walking in the footsteps of history
Walking in the footsteps of history
Royal Dornoch

Apart from St Andrews and its fellow courses on the Open rota,
Royal Dornoch
is regarded as a leading contender as the spiritual home of golf in Scotland. Its bushes of golden broom and a stunning seaside setting make it a pilgrimage for golfers from around the world.

David Muschamp from Beverley in East Yorkshire has been hooked for many years and despite living 200 miles away from the Sutherland course pays his club membership there so he can spend his summers playing this classic links.

His review of Royal Dornoch during December, among the latest Golfmagic course submissions, has earned him a pair of the latest Stuburt Profile golf shoes, as worn by Mark James and David Howell.

He says: "I have been playing golf for nearly 30 years and aged 60 years (which is the new 40, apparently!) I am privileged to be a 10-handicap club member, as I am able to spend much of the summer in the Scottish Highlands.

"I don’t play winter golf, as I believe it does more harm than good for my fragile golf swing but pay the Scottish Golf Union levy from East Yorkshire. Last year I reversed a long-term upward trend, by getting down from 11 (Oh for a single figure handicap again!) and have been fortunate to play some of the world’s greatest courses. I looking forward to playing Dornoch in the long summer evenings, wearing my new Stuburt shoes."

In his review David says: "Every hole is of championship quality. Every shot has to be thought through, and truly executed. Keep on line, and the rewards will follow."

Walking in the footsteps of history
Whitcombe brothers from Came Down all played in the 1935 Ryder Cup

In one of several reviews submitted during December, Nigel Fellows

described Came Down Golf Club
, near Dorchester as ‘Old school but in great condition.’

"It’s never closed for flooding but situated right up on the downs with fine views of both, it can be closed because of fog. And if it's a windy day you're going to want your links game with you. Local knowledge means avoiding the
massive pit on the 17th. I've lost playing partners down there!"

A 33-year-old publisher, Nigel says he has been playing golf for 10 years and hasn’t yet joined a club but rates his handicap around the 18 mark.

Nigel also touched on the key role that Came Down played in
establishing the Ryder Cup. Samuel Ryder was a regular visitor and it was through his conversations with the club’s Whitcombe brothers – Reg, Ernest and Charlie – that he launched the event in 1927.

For a chance to win one of two pairs of Stuburt Profile shoes we’re giving away during December, submit your course reviews into our system. We currently have over 1,300 but aim to have at least 10,000 by the end of 2006. Help us achieve our goal and assist others looking for places to play with your assessments – they’re greatly valued.

Walking in the footsteps of history
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