Get your very own MASTERS GREEN JACKET ahead of the year's first major

The Masters is here - so why not get in the mood by picking up your very own Green Jacket.

The Masters and a return of Tiger Woods is here so what better time to get in the mood for golf's first major of the year than by picking up your very own Green Jacket. 

The history of the Green Jacket at Augusta National dates back to 1937 when members of the club wore them.

Envisioned by Cliff Roberts, the original purpose of the Green Jacket was to identify club members as "reliable sources of information" to visiting non-members, as well as letting waiters know who got the cheque at dinner. 

Brooks Uniform Co. in New York made the original jackets, which featured heavy wool material. 

A Green Jacket is presented to the winner of The Masters every year, with the past champion doing the presentation for the new champion.

All former Masters champions get to wear a Green Jacket. 

Jackets are kept on club grounds, and taking them off the premises is forbidden.

The exception is for the winner, who can take it home and return it to the club the following year.

Okay the below jacket might not be an identical copy of the Green Jacket that they wear at The Masters, but it's as close as it gets, and all for a reasonable price, too. 

Perhaps you might want to purchase the jacket for an upcoming friends or family golf tournament, or maybe you have got a Stag Do on the horizon. 

Or maybe you just want to wear one while watching the action unfold at Augusta National in early April. 

Either way, check out the link below and if you like what you see then simply pick out your required size before heading to checkout.

Masters Tournament Green Jacket
  • Cotton Fabric
  • Green colour
  • Fastening: Button
  • Fastening: Buttoned
  • Full sleeves
  • Very soft inner

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