Battle of the premium golf balls in 2017

A number of brands have Titleist in their crosshairs - we run through the best balls money can buy in 2017. 

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Mon, 18 Sep 2017

Battle of the premium golf balls in 2017


The premium golf ball market has become a fierce hunting ground in 2017. It's a segment of the market long dominated by Titleist’s Pro V1 and Pro V1x golf balls - which are currently played by 72% of pros on Tour - but there is increasing competition looking to snatch their crown.

TaylorMade’s TP5 and TP5X products have attracted lots of hype this term, but they’re not the only ones with new premium balls making some noise.

Take a look through the best golf balls money can buy in 2017 - prices correct from American Golf.

Titleist Pro V1/Pro V1x - £42.99 per dozen



The ball that has set the standard over the years. Designed to offer distance, consistency, high launch, high spin on short shots, low spin on long shots, and “drop and stop” capability. Basically everything.

Engineered to provide a soft feel and extreme durability.  The Pro V1 is made to launch lower than the ProV1x.

Technology: Spherically-Tiled Tetrahedral Dimple design, 2.0 ZG Dual Core, Ionomeric Casing

TaylorMade TP5/TP5X - £42.99 per dozen


The new kid on the block - and it’s causing a stir in 2017. The introduction of TaylorMade’s new ball coincided with a spate of wins for TP5/TP5X Tour players, which was about the best PR the brand could have hoped for.

The five-piece ball is designed to offer serious distance, while also providing spin around the greens. Also designed to offer a soft feel.

The TaylorMade TP5X ball is designed to launch higher than the TP5, and has a slightly firmer feel.

Technology: Tri-Fast Core, Dual Spin Cover, 322 seamless dimple pattern, 83 compression



Srixon Z Star/Z Star XV - £39.99 per dozen


Manufactured to deliver distance, control, and optimal launch conditions. A new skin is designed to offer a softer feel and increased spin around the greens from all lies, especially the rough. The Z Star XV is made to launch higher than the Z Star.

Technology: Energetic Gradient Growth Core, 338 Speed Dimple Pattern, Spin Skin coating

Callaway Chrome Soft/Chrome Soft X/Chrome Soft X Truvis - £32.99 per dozen


Designed to offer distance, workability, control and a soft feel, at a lower price than other premium balls.

Manufactured to provide a lower, piercing ball flight, with low spin for the long clubs and high spin on the shorter shots.

The Chrome Soft X is designed to launch higher than the Chrome Soft with a slightly firmer feel and more workability, while the Truvis version is designed to help focus the player and improve confidence thanks to a pattern on the ball.

Technology: Hex Aerodynamics, Dual SoftFast core, Tri-ionomer mantle

Volvik Vivid XT/S3/S4 - £44.99 per dozen


The XT is a four-piece ball offering maximum distance. The matt finish provides reduced air resistance, and it has a medium launch.

The S3 is a three-piece ball designed to offer distance and control. It has a higher launch and optimal spin rates.

The S4 is a four-piece ball designed to offer distance, a high launch, and control.

Technology: Zirconium II cover, Dual Power Core, bismuth core,

Bridgestone B330/B330S - £37.99 per dozen


More distance, more spin, more playability, say Bridgestone. The B330S has a new firmer cover, and is designed to offer more balls speeds and lower spin. Made to be provide a soft feel.

Technology: TOURcore, SlipRes and Dual Dimple cover, Seamless Cover Technology

Mizuno MP-S/MP-X - £39.99


The MP-S is Mizuno’s softest and most responsive ball, which it calls “the ball that loves to spin”.

This three piece ball is designed to offer distance for mid to high swing speeds.

The MP-X is a four-piece ball that is made to offer low spin for the driver. Designed for better players that do not need help to add spin to the ball when hitting into greens.

Technology: 330 Dimple pattern, refined cover