Best Golf Drivers 2018: Cleveland Launcher HB Review

Andy Roberts's picture
Wed, 25 Apr 2018


The clue is in the name. Launcher. This thing gets the ball going high and long, and a dollop of forgiveness is thrown in for good measure. Much of this is thanks to weight.

Cleveland decided not to use a loft sleeve in this driver, as the system is heavy and puts weight into certain areas - “a major tradeoff”.

The key piece of tech in the Launcher HB driver is its channel in the sole that goes by the name of Flex Fin - a technology similar to that seen in numerous premium drivers but it increases flex at impact for a trampoline effect.

Along with the Flex Fins and the thin cup face is a new HiBore crown design, which compresses and decompresses at impact for more speed, while at the same time lowering and deepening the CG for improved launch characteristics and forgiveness.

In our view, the best value for money premium driver on the market right now for the higher handicap golfer.




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