Bryson DeChambeau sought out help from Scottsdale Golf before historic 58

Bryson DeChambeau made history at the weekend, shooting 58 in the final round of  LIV Golf Greenbrier, but was it a visit to Scottsdale Golf in Warrington a few days earlier that made all the difference?

Bryson DeChambeau
Bryson DeChambeau

Renowned for his attention to detail and love of equipment tinkering, Bryson DeChambeau leaves nothing to chance when it comes to the clubs in his bag.

With that in mind, during his most recent visit to the UK for the 151st Open Championship, he took the opportunity to visit Scottsdale Golf's Fit.Build.Play performance centre in Warrington to give his clubs a full MOT.

Bryson DeChambeau
Bryson DeChambeau

The outcome? DeChambeau went on to win his maiden LIV Tour victory at LIV Golf Greenbrier, shooting 58 in the final round to become only the seventh man to do so in professional golf. With 13 birdies and one bogey on his card, the big-hitting American was absolutely dialled in. 


So what went on in Scottsdale's studio that got Mr 58 playing the best golf of his life?

Let us explain.




Utilising the facilities and expertise on offer at the performance centre, DeChambeau went through each club in his bag and analysed spin rates, ball speed, flight patterns and windows to ensure that every weapon he had at his disposal was fully optimised. 

Consulting the team of master club fitters at Scottsdale Golf, adjustments were made to each club's loft and lie angle. While this process can be executed on any Tour truck that would have been on-site at The Open, the studio at Scottsdale Golf has something in it that not even Tour trucks can offer. 

The secret weapon we are referring to is an SST Puring system. Club fanatics among you may be familiar with what shaft puring is, but for those that aren't, let us explain. 

Bryson DeChambeau
Bryson DeChambeau

No golf shaft is perfectly straight or round. And studies have shown that any slight irregularities in a shaft can cause it to bend and twist off-line during a golf swing. 

The result of these irregularities is inconsistent performance and increased dispersion rates. While these dispersion rates may only be negligible for the amateur golfer, DeChambeau was once clocked reaching clubhead speeds of 138mph with his driver, so any slight irregularities can yield more dramatic results. 

The SST Puring system analyses the structure of any golf shaft and identifies its most stable bending plane. Once identified, the clubhead is assembled in this pured orientation, with the resulting club yielding tighter dispersion and greater consistency.

Bryson DeChambeau
Bryson DeChambeau

With the margins for professional golfers being so fine, DeChambeau left no stone unturned in ensuring that his clubs were set up to his desired specifications, and it's fair to say the fitters at Scottsdale Golf did an excellent job. 

Cruising to a six-shot victory at LIV Golf Greenbrier, the 2020 US Open champion hit 79% of greens in regulation and improved his driving accuracy dramatically. Averaging 55.64% of fairways hit this season, DeChambeau improved that stat by close to 20%, hitting 71.43% of fairways at Greenbrier. 

It's fair to say the adjustments certainly paid off. 


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