Callaway launch GPS and fitness tracker watch

GOLFIT watch offers yardages and popular fitness tracking options. 

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Mon, 8 Jan 2018
Callaway launch GPS and fitness tracker watch

Callaway has launched a GPS and fitness tracker watch, called the GOLFIT Sports Band.


The device offers distances to the front, middle and back of greens, while also tracking heart rate, measuring steps, counting calories burned and monitoring sleeping patterns.

The watch can be synced via bluetooth to a free Callaway app, where golfers can view their stats and also chose their settings - such as whether they want call and text alerts on their watch.

“Once again, Callaway has pushed the boundaries with the state-of- the-art GOLFIT Sports Band that tracks a number of important fitness aspects while in use both on and off the course,” said Brand Fusion UK Sales Manager, Tony Fletcher.

“The modern golfer is getting a top quality GPS device from one of the game’s best manufacturers along with the ability to keep score on more than 30,000 pre-loaded courses worldwide,” he added.

The product is water resistant, and can also measure shot distances. The battery life is said to be between 8-12 hours, and it uses a magnetic charger.

Price: £179
Colours: Black, white with green trim