Callaway Q&A: Steelhead XR iron and hybrid

Dr Alan Hocknell talks about Callaway's latest iron and hybrid

Callaway Q&A: Steelhead XR iron and hybrid

Callaway Q&A: Steelhead XR iron and hybrid

The launch of Callaway's new game improvement Steelhead XR iron and hybrid brought about a host of new tech. 

In order to get a better understanding of the new clubs, Dr Alan Hocknell, Senior Vice President of Research and Development at Callaway, sat down to explain some of your burning questions. 

Callaway Q&A: Steelhead XR iron and hybrid

Q: Who is best suited to the new Steelhead XR Irons?

A: They will undoubtedly appeal to a wide cross section of golfers and because the classic shaping has been inspired by one of Callaway’s most iconic irons - the X-14 - they are sure to re-kindle many great memories for Callaway advocates who used these best-selling clubs.

Q: Will they play like X-14s?

A: There is so much more to Steelhead XR Irons - materials, design and manufacturing processes have come a long way since then, and these new Irons outperform X-14 in every way: They have the fastest face possible, are significantly more forgiving and represent Callaway relentless improvements to our design science.

Callaway Q&A: Steelhead XR iron and hybrid

Q: What does a ‘fast face’ mean?

A: The Steelhead XR Irons feature next generation 360 Face Cup technology, which takes COR to the max, from .806 to .825 – the fastest iron face we’ve ever created - thinner around the edges which helps create more ball speed all over the face.

Q: So they are a ‘distance’ irons?

A: While distance is a key attribute, we also focused on designing a set of irons that offered a broad spectrum of golfers additional ball control through the set.

We achieved this by designing what we call a Flighted CG, this is effectively a progressive CG height that allows for better flighting and more control as you run through the set, particularly in the shorter irons.

Callaway Q&A: Steelhead XR iron and hybrid

Q: What is the recipe for more speed?

A: In the Steelhead XR Irons, a steel infused snubber lowers the CG and provides better feel. What’s more, because of the low CG, golfers who frequently make contact with the golf ball low on the face will also see more speed without lowering launch angle.

Q: What does S2H2 mean?

A: It stands for Short Straight Hollow Hosel. S2H2 technology in the Steelhead XR Irons makes the hosel shorter, which is important to lower the center of gravity by dispersing more weight to the sole and perimeter of golf club. It also aids a higher MOI.

Callaway Q&A: Steelhead XR iron and hybrid

Q: Why do you need a Speed Step on the Steelhead XR Hybrids?

A: This technology on the crown of the hybrid means golfers can dial-in a faster swing speed (and more distance) just through advances in aerodynamics.

Callaway Q&A: Steelhead XR iron and hybrid

Q: Why is the head of the hybrids slightly larger?

A: The larger head and deeper CG placement means the ball will launch on a higher trajectory, meaning carry distances is increased. What’s more the longer blade length and the deeper body offer golfers incredible forgiveness and improved accuracy. The next generation Hyper Speed Face Cup also enhances ball speed and distance.

Head to Callaway's website for more information. 

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