Cleveland Golf introduces TWO additional HB Soft putter lines

The new Huntington Beach SOFT Premier putters will be available in stores from March 20.

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Wed, 17 Feb 2021
Cleveland Golf introduces TWO additional HB Soft putter lines
Cleveland Golf has announced the new Huntington Beach SOFT Premier putters, to go along with an array of new Huntington Beach SOFT models. 

“The Huntington Beach SOFT Premier builds upon the success of our current putter line-up,” said Joe Miller, Product Expert at Cleveland Golf Europe. “With new head shapes, sleek designs, and a fitting system for every stroke type, we have a putter that will help any golfer improve their performance on the greens.”

The foundation of the Huntington Beach SOFT Premier is Cleveland Golf’s proprietary Speed Optimised Face Technology (SOFT). SOFT solves the crucial putting issue of distance control. SOFT normalizes the speed of putts across the entire putter face.

The centre of the face features more condensed milling lines, while milling mark frequency decreases going outward from the centre. Cleveland's new SOFT models deliver specific milling for each model, aiming to deliver optimised distance control regardless of the putter shape.

Huntington Beach SOFT Premier features two specific putter grips to achieve optimal putting performance for each stroke type. For slight or strong arcing strokes, the Lamkin SINKFIT Skinny Pistol grip, combined with a toe-down weighting, will help facilitate clubhead rotation. Meanwhile, the larger Lamkin SINKFIT Pistol grip and face-balanced design is ideal for straight back stroke types.

Key Innovations Inside Huntington Beach SOFT Premier:

• Grey Satin Finish: Sleek, Grey Satin PVD finish delivers a premium appearance and instils a sense of confidence.

• Speed Optimised Face Technology: Ensuring consistent speed control and distance performance, Cleveland’s proprietary Speed Optimised Face Technology normalizes ball speed across the entire face of the putter, even on off-centre putts.

• Putting Fit System: With two different grip options, the new Huntington Beach SOFT Premier offers a precise fit depending on your stroke type and model preference.

• Precision Milled Face: A unique diamond CNC milling pattern increases friction for a pure roll and softer feel at impact. 

Furthermore, Cleveland Golf is introducing eight new tour-proven shapes to the Huntington Beach SOFT collection. These new releases offer a similar fitting system.

For slight or strong arc types, the Huntington Beach SOFT Pistol grip comes standard, while straight back stroke types will benefit from the Huntington Beach SOFT Oversized grip.

Retail Information and Pricing:

The new line from Celevalnd will be available in stores March 20 and the Huntington Beach SOFT Premier putters are available for £139, while the new models of Huntington Beach SOFT putters are available for £119.

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