Evnroll adds innovative and 'Versatile' V-Series putters to award-winning range

New V-Series features a choice of four different hosel designs on six distinctive Evnroll head shapes.

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Thu, 25 Feb 2021

Evnroll adds innovative and 'Versatile' V-Series putters to award-winning range

Evnroll has unveiled its new V-Series of putters, with V standing for versatile, delivering exceptional choice for golfers in 2021. Six of Evnroll’s most distinctive head shapes will be available, each with a choice of four different hosel options.

Evnroll has developed a highly sophisticated fitting program using the Quintic Ball Roll camera-based putting analysis system, and a variety of different head weights married with different grip weights, and shaft options. After thousands of fittings, Evnroll has determined that golfers can significantly improve their putting by simply having a putter with the correct hosel to create optimized offset, toe hang and visual setup behind the ball at address.


Armed with this knowledge, Evnroll has created the V-Series to offer golfers their preferred hosel on their preferred Evnroll head design in order to customize toe hang to match their stroke arc.


Short Slant hosel neck produces more toe hang promoting a more rotational swing-path that releases through the hitting area. This slant neck design has a hosel pin that fits inside the shaft allowing it to flow seamlessly into the putter head, a preferred look for better players.

Short Plumber-Neck hosel slightly reduces toe hang and therefore reduces the rotation of the swing path. This plumber neck features a classic over-fit, collar-type hosel with a vertical full-shaft offset presentation.

Long Plumber-Neck hosel further reduces toe hang and allows for a more straight-back-straight-through swing path. This plumber neck features a classic over-fit, collar-type hosel with a vertical full-shaft offset presentation.

Long Slant hosel neck design has a two-shaft offset with an additional two degrees of loft to accommodate Evnroll’s new Midlock putter line.


The flagship member of the new 2021 Evnroll V-Series line is the ER11V – a high-performance mallet offering forgiveness and stability together with a clean, compact look.

ER1v_Face-Sole_LongPlumber (2).jpg

The frontal body portion of the ER11V is black anodized 6061 aluminum and features a ball-sized griping cavity directly behind the hitting area that also positions the putter’s mass outward and rearward for extremely high MOI. The 303 stainless steel weights are positioned to the extreme rearward outer edges to further enhance MOI.

Combining ultra-high MOI, V-Series hosel options and rearward, adjustable weighting, the ER11V is by far the most customizable putter ever offered by Evnroll.

The ER1V is Evnroll’s classic heel-toe weighted flange blade, while ER2V is a shorter, wider heel-toe weighted flange blade.

ER2v_Rear-Toe_ShortPlumber (2).jpg

ER5V is a winged mallet with a hatched out center section. ER7V is a rear perimeter weighted full mallet while ER8V is a classic midsized players’ mallet.


All Evnroll putters are CNC milled in Carlsbad, California. Each features Guerin Rife’s ground-breaking, patented ‘Sweet Face Technology’ – an innovative and unique mill pattern engineered to deliver uniform performance across the entire hitting area of the putter face for unprecedented accuracy and zero dispersion.

Available in March - MSRPs:
Blade putters (ER1V / ER2V) - from £369 w/ TourTac grip); £379  (w/ Gravity Grip)
Mallet putters (ER5V/ ER7V/ ER8V/ ER11V) - from £389 (w/ TourTac grip); £399 (w/ Gravity Grip)

For more information on the full Evnroll putter line, please visit www.evnroll.com.



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