Evnroll welcomes three new models

Evnroll launches new ER3 Wing Blade, ER7 Full Mallet and ER8 Tour Mallet, and revamps its popular ER6

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Sat, 30 Jan 2016

Evnroll's new ER8 Tour Mallet 

Evnroll has launched three new putter models – ER3 Wing Blade, ER7 Full Mallet and ER8 Tour Mallet – along with a classic new black version of the popular ER6 iRoll full mallet.

The ER3 Wing Blade features a dramatic flare to the heel and toe that gives its head a distinctive “wing” shape, while the ER7 Full Mallet features three prominent centre sightlines surrounded by a symmetrical distribution of weight that flows gracefully back from the heel and toe.

The ER8 Tour Mallet is then a slightly more compact heel-and-toe weighted mallet with a solitary white sightline on top, boasting the same silver satin finish as last year's ER1 and ER2 blade models.

All three new models are CNC-milled from a block of 303 stainless steel and hand-finished in Carlsbad.

Evnroll tells us "the precise face milling on each Evnroll putter imparts progressively more energy transfer on off-centre hits to roll the ball a consistent distance with every stroke."

Evnroll welcomes three new models

Evnroll's ER6 is now available in classic black

Each design also includes new LineAlign technology, which features two small, unpainted dots on the topline 1/8 inch either side of the centre cavity sightline.

Aligning the ball in front of the toe-side dot on right-to-left putts and in front of the heel-side dot on left-to-right putts helps to keep the ball travelling on the high side of the target line as 90% of breaking putts are missed below the hole.

The ER3 Wing Blade, ER7 Full Mallet and ER8 Tour Mallet join four original head designs in the Evnroll line for 2017, from the classic style of the heel-and-toe ER1 and ER2 blades, to the ER5 Hatchback mallet.

The rear centre-weighted ER6 iRoll full mallet, originally available in a distinctive deep red anodised aluminium finish, will now also be available in classic black, with both models featuring three white sightlines on top for 2017.

Each putter model is available from March 1 in 33”, 34” and 35” lengths, with the ER3 offered at an MSRP of £275, and the ER6, ER7 and ER8.

For more information please visit www.evnroll.com.