FAVOURITE FIVE: Best wedges for under £100

Take a look at our five favourite wedges that you can buy for less than £100.

FAVOURITE FIVE: Best wedges for under £100
FAVOURITE FIVE: Best wedges for under £100

The latest and greatest golf clubs certainly aren't cheap, but that doesn't mean some brands don't offer some excellent value-for-money options. If you're in the market for a new wedge, there are some fantastic products out there for under £100.

So check out our favourite five wedges that you can buy for less that a tonne! We'll also provide you with a link of where you can get them from, but don't worry, this doesn't effect how much you pay.

Wilson Staff FG Tour PMP Chrome Wedge

FAVOURITE FIVE: Best wedges for under £100


The Wilson Staff FG Tour PMP Chrome Wedge offers golfers enhanced touch and feel in and around the greens to help you get up and down more often. The new maximum volume HM Grooves provide spin on full shots, while laser etched Micro Spin Lines increases spin on partial shots. It also has a perfectly flat milled face for improved consistency.

The Wilson Staff FG Tour PMP Chrome Wedge also feature:

  • Precision Milled Performance
  • Traditional Sole Designs
  • Tour Frosted Finish


Cobra Golf King PUR Wedge

FAVOURITE FIVE: Best wedges for under £100


Constructed from raw 304 stainless steel to maximise spin performance with ultra-precise grooves and a finish that diffuses sunlight to reduce glare at address. These wedges have been created with cutting-edge Progressive Milled Grooves which feature wider grooves and closer gapping on higher lofted wedges, and traditional thinner, deeper grooves on lower lofted wedges.

The King PUR Wedge Features:

  • Raw 304 Stainless Steel
  • Cutting-Edge Progressive Milled Grooves
  • Wider Grooves (design for extra spin)

The wider groove design allows higher lofted wedges to grab the ball to impart more spin. Making spin performance more consistent throughout the wedge set. The new grooves are combined with Variable Face Roughness (VFR), a face milling technology that maximises both RA (average roughness) and RY (max peak-to-peak depth) to the USGA limit, delivering more control and precision on greenside shots.

The versatile sole features heel and toe relief and a medium bounce (8-10*) to provide overall versatility on medium to firm turf conditions.


Cleveland Golf RTX 4 Tour

FAVOURITE FIVE: Best wedges for under £100


Featuring 4 Tour-Developed Sold Grinds, there are more options with less bounce. Hit every shot you’ve got as the grinds give you enough versatility to execute your most challenging greenside shots, even when the pressure’s on. Choose from a Full, Mid, Low and the new XLow Grind which is the lowest bounce option of any wedge on the market.

With progressive tour-shaping, the low RTX 4 lofts are more compact with a straight leading edge, blending perfectly with your short irons. Higher lofts have a traditional wedge shape for pitch and chip shots around the green. RTX 4’s more compact blade shape is a direct result of extensive tour testing and feedback. Enjoy better feel and more control with this tour-developed, player-oriented shaping.

The new 4th Generation Rotex Face Technology consistently delivers more spin across all conditions, giving you better distance control, improved accuracy, and lower scores. Sharper, deeper grooves slice through grass, sand and water for more consistent spin on every shot.


Titleist SM7 Jet Black

FAVOURITE FIVE: Best wedges for under £100


hrough improved progressive CG, optimised spin milled grooves, and the game's benchmark for Tour validated grinds, new SM7 wedges offer maximised spin, control, and consistency for more confidence on every shot. Put the highest level of wedge performance in your hands.


  • Precise Distance Gapping - Progressive CG creates precise distance gaps and trajectory control. Know exactly how far each wedge will fly and dial in your yardages.
  • Maximum Spin - Spin Milled Grooves optimise spin, control, and consistency for more confidence on all wedge shots.
  • Ultimate Versatility - Vokey wedges grinds are played, proven and perfected on Tour, helping to create shot versatility for any level of player in any type of condition.
  • Progessive Centre Of Gravity - The centre of gravity (CG) can vary slightly between different lofted wedges, based on the bounce and sole grind of the wedge. Vokey Design SM7 wedges feature a progressive centre of gravity, optimised for each loft, bounce and grind for improved distance control, tighter shot dispersion and exceptional feel throughout the wedge set.
  • Spin Milled Grooves - Vokey's Spin Milled process is unique to each finish and loft for the sharpest, most consistent groove edges. Vokey Design SM7 wedges feature a Parallel Face Texture for more consistent groove edges, tighter quality tolerances, and maximum spin. SM7 wedges also feature a distinct groove design between lofts: low lofts (46°-54°) are designed with narrower, deeper grooves, while higher lofts (56°-62°) have wider grooves. The result is superior spin and control on all wedge shots.


Benross Rev Black Wedge

FAVOURITE FIVE: Best wedges for under £100


The REV Black Wedge is cast from high quality 304 Stainless Steel providing super soft feel and ultimate short game feedback. It also features a Precision CNC Milled face which will give you better control around the greens. The black finish removes any glare when playing in bright sunlight, giving a stealth look behind the ball.

Features of the REV Black Wedge:

  • Precision CNC Milled Face
  • FS Grind (52°) - WS Grind (56° & 60°)
  • Stealth Black Finish
  • KBS HI-REV 2.0 Wedge Shaft

Two specifically engineered sole grinds maximise playability. The FS Grind (52°) features the heel and trailing edge relief necessary for full shots, whilst maintaining versatility around the green. The WS Grind (56° & 60°) features a wider sole design, ideal for bunker play and heavy lies. Progressive CG Position produces a controlled ball flight and maximises spin for increased stopping power. The REV Wedge is fit with the KBS HI-REV 2.0 Wedge shaft.


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