FootJoy launches ContourFIT golf shoes

New FJ shoe touted as "radical upgrade to the iconic Contour Series."

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Mon, 23 Jan 2017

footjoy contourfit golf shoes 2017

FootJoy launches ContourFIT golf shoes

FootJoy has today launched new ContourFIT shoes, which the brand describes as a "radical upgrade to the iconic Contour Series line of golf shoes."

Lauded by FJ as its best-selling shoe franchise of all time, Contour was created with a focus on comfort, and that dedication continues with the latest innovation, ContourFIT.

Building on the successful heritage of the Contour Series franchise, FJ designers reimagined the entire category from a blank sheet of paper. From the last to the laces, ContourFIT was born from an obsession with comfort so the golfer could experience Comfort That Never Quits.

“With a very successful category like Contour, the tendency is to implement minor enhancements over the life of the product, but that’s not something we subscribe to at FJ,” said FJ's VP of golf footwear Doug Robinson.

“From the moment a product is created, we start looking for ways to enhance absolutely every detail - from the overall design and materials, to every stitch and groove, to the laces and cleats.

“ContourFIT, while inspired by the Contour Series family of shoes, is dramatically improved over the prior generations and we believe will excite not only the lifetime Contour wearer, but also any comfort-seeker who tries it on for the first time.”

FootJoy launches ContourFIT golf shoes


TPU DynaFlex Outsole - Flexible, Durable: The new DynaFlex outsole – engineered with TPU – has been designed to flex naturally with the foot. Each flex groove is strategically placed to provide maximum flexibility and mobility while walking and throughout the golf swing.

FTF 3.0 – Softest, Lightest Midsole Compound: Fine-Tuned Foam 3.0 provides underfoot comfort and soft cushioning without compromising lateral support and stability.

New Contour Plus Last, Extra Thick Fitbed: Contour Plus Last offers a full rounded toe character which is full across the forefoot, with a standard instep and heel. The last bottom is contoured to more closely match the shape of the foot whilst an extra depth last is also incorporated to accommodate a thicker fitbed for enhanced cushioning, providing all day breathable comfort.

U-Throat Pattern – Broad Fitting: FJ’s U-Throat lacing system provides a more generous fit ensuring a comfortable and forgiving feel in the instep.

Achilles Pad – Soft, Comfortable Fit: The new achilles heel pad featured in ContourFIT delivers support and comfort whilst working with the connected comfort tongue to lock the foot into the shoe for a precise fit.

Green-Friendly Cleats – Low profile Pulsar cleats by SoftSpikes: Fast Twist II System. The Pulsar cleats feature dynamic cushioning and green-friendly traction. As with all FJ shoes, the customer should expect out-of-the-box comfort with ContourFIT. When properly fit, FJ shoes should never require a “break-in” period and should be enjoyed from the first wear to the last.

Available: March 1
SRP: £120 (Laced), £135 (BOA)
Styles: Laced - White/Black, Black/Charcoal/White, White/Brown; BOA - White/Black
Waterproof warranty: 1 year