GOLF EQUIPMENT POLL: Do you change the loft on your golf driver?

Golf Drivers: are loft sleeves purely for fitters, or are golfers using them once they have the club in the bag?

Andy Roberts's picture
Wed, 12 Dec 2018

Adjustable drivers are common these days - most of the popular products have them built in. But are all these adjustable gadgets and gizmos simply for the fitter, or the golfer?

Once you have the club at home with you - whether it has been custom fit or not - do you play around with the loft sleeve? Or does the loft stay rooted to how it was set by the fitter, or the spec you bought the club in? 


And if you vote NO, would you rather not have a loft sleeve on your next driver? Some people think they are an eyesore and would prefer a flusher finish to the connection between the head and shaft....






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