Happy Putter allows players to custom fit flat stick

Happy Putter is "the most adjustable putter" on the market

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Mon, 16 May 2016

Happy Putter believes it is offering the "most adjustble" flat stick on the market, in a bid to help golfers avoid "lazy eye".

"Over time golfers’ eyes adjust to what they see and their focus is diminished making alignment more challenging.  This explains why golfers typically do well when they try a new putter because they are more focused on seeing the line," the brand says. 

To solve the issue, Happy Putter offers numerous alignment guides, in order to keep the look of the putter "fresh" to the user. 

In addition to this, the putter provides three lofts, lies, offset positions, and numerous weight options.

The putter is available in a Tour Series Pointed Mallet version, and a Tour Series Mid Mallet itteration. 

Stacey Lewis. a 13-time LPGA Tour winner and world number four, often bags the Happy Putter. 

The Happy Putter adjustability app explains why adjustment is important and how to change the putter's settings. 

Price: $349.99
Lengths: 34" and 35" stock (custome lengths available) 

Head to the Happy Putter website for more information.