Odyssey rolls out Highway 101 putters

Odyssey pays homage to its hometown with new putters

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Fri, 13 May 2016

Odyssey rolls out Highway 101 putters

Odyssey has launched a new line of "Highway 101" putters that pay tribute to the company's hometown of California.

The aesthetic design of the fresh putter line, available in #7, #5 and #2 models, is a tribute to one of the most recognisable ever landmarks in the state, U.S Highway 101. 

Odyssey's key highlight is new insert technology called the "Sound Chamber", a pocket that sits behind the 17-4 stainless steel insert with the brand's patented Metal-X pattern.

Working closely with Phil Mickelson, this uniquely engineered chamber has been designed to allow resonation that provides a crisp sound and feel at impact.

Odyssey rolls out Highway 101 putters

"Our base in Carlsbad, California is the mecca for golf club design," said Odyssey's global product strategy director Chris Koske. 

"Within a couple mile radius, you have got 75% of the putter market share in the United States. Highway 101 is an iconic landmark, so it was a cool way for us to pay homage. 

"We thought about all the landmarks around the 101, such as the beach, the surfers, the coastline, some of the Cypress trees, so we thought it would be really cool to bring a limited edition line to market."

Odyssey will sell a thousand of these "one-of-a-kind" putters, with 400 made in the Tour-proven #7 design , 400 in the #2 design and 200 in the #5. 

Odyssey rolls out Highway 101 putters

"The #7 is our most iconic model from a Tour standpoint; we had 14 of these in play at Quail Hollow recently," added Koske.

"We've added a slant joint hosel to this design to give it more of a unique look. The #5 model is very popular in Japan, so we wanted to bring that into the line, and our #2 is a crank neck hosel putter, which is another nice new addition."

As for Odyssey's new Sound Chamber technology, plans had been in the pipeline some 18 months ago. 

"In the knowledge that golf balls would begin to get softer and softer, we felt we needed an insert that was going to work for players who favoured more sound and feedback off the putter face.

"With a 1020 carbon steel head, to bring an insert and get the sound in that, we couldn't just do a milled face. We had to mill a Sound Chamber, so a pocket, behind the insert, and what that allows for is when the ball impacts against the face it lets sound resonate behind the insert and it comes out a little bit higher pitched than an all milled face."

This is an extremely limited edition putter, with just 101 of each model being made available through a select number of European retailers.

RRP: £329
Head shapes: #2. #5, #7
Specs: Loft 3-degree; Lie 70-degree; Length 35"