How important are CORRECT SIZED golf shoes on the course?

GolfMagic speaks to adidas Golf's product manager of footwear Leigh Goode to learn more...

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Tue, 4 May 2021
How important are CORRECT SIZED golf shoes on the course?

Golf club custom fitting is all the rage when it comes to purchasing new golf equipment these days, especially when it comes to fine-tuning new product to better match your swing. Golf balls have now follwoed suit too, with so many different sleeves to choose from in 2021.

But what about our feet? GolfMagic spoke to adidas Golf's product manager of footwear Leigh Goode to learn more.

So Leigh, what about our feet?

Wearing the right sized golf shoe is paramount as it won’t only impact your swing but also your comfort while you’re standing.

Every brand will have different shapes to their shoes and it’s important to find the right one for you.

The right fit will mean you’re supported by the shoe and will get the most out of the shoes technologies, for example, the uniquely placed spikes for optimum traction, or mid-foot wrap that holds you secure to the traction plate, or the cushioning technology that means you hardly notice you’re wearing shoes at all.

Without the right size, your foot can move around meaning you could slip inside the shoe. Think as you start your downswing and your back foot moves 1cm back. That movement will throw off your balance and thus your weight transfer and in turn jeopardise the clean contact with the ball.

Also, excess movement in the shoe can also lead to irritation on pressure points, meaning the comfort of the shoe would be compromised and you won’t feel 100% through the latter stages of your round.

How much difference does a wide vs medium shoe make when it comes to adidas Golf shoes? What advice can you give a golfer who isn't sure? 

Here at adidas Golf, we have worked hard to make our Regular fits wider as we had consistent feedback through consumer testing of being too narrow.

As we’ve solved that, we’ve seen a big shift in volume to our regular fit. Regular now serves the majority of our golfers across Europe.

However, we don’t just have one shape to our footwear. Our Tour360 XT SL 2 will fit very differently to an adicross Retro even in the same size.

I would always suggest to try them, talk to your pro or sales assistant as they will have experience and the right information to help find the shoe for you.



Would you recommend always trying on a golf shoe before purchasing?

Yes I would, 100%.

Every foot shape is different and every brand has their own measurements.

Although we work hard with consumer testing and foot shape studies, the ultimate test is the golfer trying it out for their individual review.

How does the material feel? Is it going to give over time? Are you getting the comfort from the midsole? How does it feel to swing while wearing the shoe?

All of these are crucial questions when purchasing a pair of shoes.

What other questions should GolfMagic Readers be asking themselves when it comes to purchasing a new pair of golf shoes in 2021? 

I would always consider the purpose of the new pair of shoes.

Are you wanting a new winter pair, meaning water protection is important? Are you wanting something Spikeless so traction is important? Do you need something on a budget?

Having these clear in your mind will help know what to look for on the shoe wall.

At adidas Golf, we feel like we have shoes that cover off the needs of all consumers.

There is something for anyone.