Introducing Jones: the golf bag you've always wanted

"When you see a Jones, you know it’s a Jones."

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Wed, 27 Jun 2018
Introducing Jones: the golf bag you've always wanted

Minimalist. Vintage. Understated. Classy. That is Jones.


Golf is crammed with overbranded, super hi-tech golf equipment that pays little attention to aesthetics, and for that reason Jones stands out. In a good way.

Known for their golf bags, the American brand also offers hats, apparel and accessories, all with the same effortless style.

At GolfMagic, we’ve been tracking their movements over recent years, and we finally managed to cop ourself a selection of samples this season. We were not underwhelmed. 

They make some of our favourite golf bags on the market in 2018, and have a laudable attitude towards the sport. Basically, we're fans. And you should be too. 

Matt Lemman, Partner at Jones Sports Group

What are you setting out to provide golfers?

Our mission is to create bags that players truly enjoy carrying.  We’re dedicated to recreating vintage flare and capturing nostalgia, all while paying tribute to the legacy of the game by utilising pure and traditional designs.

Where do you get the inspiration for the designs?

Nostalgia and inspiration for the Pacific Northwest.

Do you see similarities to yourself in other golf brands or any other brands?

We feel we differ from other golf bag brands. Our branding is very minimalistic.  You won’t see a large Jones company logo on the side of the bag when strolling down the fairway.  When you see a Jones, you know it’s a Jones.

We’ve seen some collabs with American sports teams - are you going to continue this in the future?

We create all of our own hats, but our good friends at Greyson Clothiers is who we collaborate with in terms of apparel, and we do their bags.  It’s been a great partnership, and we’ll continue to come out with creative/innovative designs for years to come.

Head to the Jones website for more.