KBS introduce 'game improvement' shaft

New KBS Max 80 shaft offers high launch and spin for mid to high handicappers

KBS introduce 'game improvement' shaft

KBS is offering a “game improvement” shaft for the first time, aimed at mid to high handicap golfers.

The KBS Max 80 is a light shaft providing a high trajectory and spin.

The shafts comes in at 102 grams and are available in regular, stiff or extra stiff with a chrome finish along with a .370 parallel tip diameter.

“In the past our philosophy has been to design stronger shafts aimed at the better player, but the Max 80 has been developed for those players with a higher handicap looking to maximize the performance of their irons on every shot,” said Kim Braly R&D and Tour operations director.

“For Club makers and fitters the KBS MAX 80 is a welcome addition to the KBS range,” said Paul Steels, who represents the brand on the European Tour.

"It’s a very useful shaft to have at their disposal, because it’s lightweight with a high launch, available in three flexes and with further custom options to suit every individual golfers needs. It enables them to better fit golfers that have difficulty with less confidence in their iron shots."

KBS introduce 'game improvement' shaft

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