Miura reveal three new irons

Luxury cavity back forged irons from the MG Collection

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Mon, 26 Jun 2017
Miura reveal three new irons

Miura has launched three new better player irons in North America.

The CB-2008, CB-1008 and MB-5005 are part of the MG Collection.

CB-2008 - $339 per club

  • Widest sole of MG collection
  • Multi material construction
  • Forged from single billet of carbon steel
  • 4-millimeter forged club face welded onto irons
  • Hollow cavity iron

“The CB 2008 epitomizes how advancements in technology can be delivered to golfers of all skill levels,” says Bill Holowaty, COO of Miura Golf. “The midsize clubhead combines a soft carbon forged face and neck with a composite, pocket cavity back. This design allows for a wider sole, lower center of gravity, larger sweet spot and more forgiveness.”

CB-1008 - $279 per iron

  • Wide sole
  • One-piece, forged construction places mass behind sweet spot
  • Designed to offer blade feel with higher flight and forgiveness


MB-5005 - $329 per iron

  • Look and feel like traditional blade
  • Unique cavity back structure offers forgiveness
  • Cuts and channels allow Muira to move weight, lowering CG and increasing MOI