New SRIXON Z-STAR Series golf balls released

Srixon launch world-first in golf ball technology that maximises both distance AND spin.

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Tue, 15 Jan 2019
New SRIXON Z-STAR Series golf balls released

The new SRIXON Z-STAR and SRIXON Z-STAR XV are the first golf balls in the world to use macromolecule material that increases distance and maximises spin control around the green.



Slide-Ring Material, or SeRM®, is a macromolecule material that is outstanding in shape restoration, damage resistance, impact resistance, and vibration absorption.

In the new SRIXON Z-STAR series, this unique SeRM® is blended into the coating. The SRIXON Z-STAR improves not only driver distance but also the feel and spin, and the SRIXON Z-STAR XV significantly increases spin performance on short game without losing driver distance.

What to expect?

1. More spin around the green

"Spin skin with SeRM®" coating has 70% more softness and increases the friction coefficient by 14.4%
with its viscosity and elongation properties, compared to conventional coatings. This new coating digs
deep into the grooves of wedges and irons, enhancing spin and control.

2. Soft feel

The combination of the highly durable ultra-thin super-soft 0.5 mm urethane cover and spin skin with SeRM® that provides excellent vibration absorption, realizes a comfortable soft feel.

3. Scratch and stain resistant

Spin skin SeRM® delivers superior shape restoration and damage resistance, making the new SRIXON Z-STAR golf balls resistant to minor scratches caused by sand and pebbles in bunkers, and as a result is stain-resistant.

Key Features

The New SRIXON Z-STAR: Better feeling, more spin and extra distance with drivers

The SRIXON Z-STAR's new core construction delivers high-resilience with the increased hardness of the mid-layer, and provides higher launch angles and lower driver spin with the enhanced outer hardness and inner softness. This new SRIXON golf ball delivers not only longer flight performance, but also softer feeling and spin performance by featuring SeRM® in its coatin.

The NEW SRIXON Z-STAR XV: More spin around the green without losing distance

The new two-layer core with the larger outer core promotes higher repulsion. SeRM® used in the coating delivers softer feel by contacting deep into face of the club, and outstanding spin control, without sacrificing distance.

Available in retail February 1st at an RRP of £44.99 (per dozen).