Original Penguin interview: 'it's what you wear for the good times'

Original Penguin are re-entering the golf market in 2018 - this is why you should be interested. 

Original Penguin interview: 'it's what you wear for the good times'

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Those shorter in the tooth will not be aware of Original Penguin's pioneering work in golf clothing. Yes, they may well know the brand for its other popular fashion lines, but ask them about the bird in golf and you will probably be met with tumbleweed. 

Alas, through the 1960s-1980s, the American brand decked out some of the sport’s most prolific players - Arnold Palmer and Jack Nicklaus were among them. They were a progressive behemoth in the arena - and they are about to re-open the doors. 

In 2018, the brand in back in golf, which got us all giddy...so we spoke to Matthew Panegasser, VP of Sales at Original Penguin Golf, about re-entry. 

Original Penguin interview: 'it's what you wear for the good times'

What is the style of the new line?

The style is fashionable golf apparel that plays to the brands heritage. We have curated a line that stays very true to Original Penguin's heritage by using patterns and prints from our company's archives while integrating them with modern fabrications creating a perfect On/Off Course product.

How many garments will there be?

We have created a full collection that focuses on essential pieces (8 polos, shorts and pants) designed to complement 2 fashion deliveries for Spring and one for Fall.  

Each delivery has approximately 12 polos, 2-3 outerwear pieces, 2-3 shorts and 1-2 pants.

Original Penguin interview: 'it's what you wear for the good times'

...and at what price point?  

Price points will range from $69-$89 for Polos, $79-99 for shorts/pants and $99-$129 for outerwear.

Will it be available in Europe?

Yes, we are launching to Europe in April.

Original Penguin interview: 'it's what you wear for the good times'

Is there a demographic you're going after?

Our target range ​is 20-55 years old.  We really aren't trying to focus on an age demographic, but more of a state of mind. Original Penguin is what you wear for the​ good times​. The line is all about fun both on and off course. 

Why are you re-entering golf now?

We feel the market has gotten a little stale with product and the timing to re-launch Original Penguin is perfect.  

There is a good mix of "Golf Only" type products that focus on technical fabrications and Golf Lifestyle brands seem to be very regional inspired and have become repetitive.  

We feel the timing is perfect to re-launch a brand that started the golf apparel craze by being the innovator of the "Original Golf Polo" and is rich in golf heritage and history.  

Original Penguin interview: 'it's what you wear for the good times'

You have a history in golf, and partnerships with legends of the game...will any of that be referenced in the new line?

We reference some of our past relationships by making mention of them in the names of some of our products.  Every so often, we will share some images of the many icons that wore our products in the past. 

Any current players you will work with?

We have recently signed Cameron Smith (currently ranked 53rd in the world) to wear Original Penguin Golf and are working with many influencers that will help share the brand message and story.

Why have you teamed up with sugarloaf SC...any future collabs in the pipeline?

Sugarloaf was a great collaboration to share the excitement of re-launching the Original Penguin Golf brand.  Sugarloaf absolutely loves the collection, our history in golf and our goals of creating a lifestyle brand that performs both on and off course.  

In collaborating with us, they felt we were a perfect fit for their followers and wanted to do something very retro Original Penguin to share with their community.  It was a great collaboration and we are looking forward to partnering again in the future.  

What do you think about golf fashion at the moment and where do you see it going in the future?

The response to Original Penguin Golf has been unbelievable.  The marketplace is very excited and the feedback has been that there is nothing else like it.  

We feel that there will be a continued movement for golf lifestyle products that perform to the highest level on course, while looking just as good with a pair of jeans as they do with golf shorts.  We feel that design will be less regionally based and more inspired by fun. We are developing lines that can live in any region of the country while staying true to our heritage.

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