PING launches new G410 driver, fairways, hybrids, Crossover and irons

PING's new G410 Plus Driver features moveable weight custom shot shaping.

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Mon, 21 Jan 2019
PING launches new G410 driver, fairways, hybrids, Crossover and irons


PING has today revealed details of its exciting new G410 family of golf equipment, highlighted by the G410 Plus driver comprising a moveable weight for custom shot shaping, and its impressive game improvement G410 irons.  

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There are four key features in the new G410 Plus driver: custom CG locations, Internal Dragonfly Technology, a Forged Face and 8-Lobe Trajectory Tuning.

Three different weight positions shift the CG location to influence shot direction. PING claims each setting (Draw, Neutral, Fade) represents 10 yards of correction (20 yards between Draw and Fade).

The Internal Dragonfly Technology contributes to higher MOI for more distance and forgiveness, while its Forged Face delivers high ball speeds across the entire face for added distance.

The G410 Plus driver's 8-Lobe Trajectory Tuning feature provides eight positions to dial in that desired trajectory through loft  (+/- 1.5 degrees) and lie adjustments.


PING has also created a G410 SFT with heel-biased weighting adding to the driver's Forged Face and 8-Lobe Trajectory Tuning.

The heel-biased weighting provides fade correction for those who struggle with that typical left-to-right ball flight for right handers.

RRP: £450
Available:  9,  10.5, 12 degrees (adjustable +/- 1.5 degrees)
Head size: 455cc
Material: Ti 8-1-1 Head / Ti 9S+ Forged Face


The new G410 fairway features CG aligned with force line that maximises ball speed and increases stability for more distance forgiveness.

It's also packed with a forged, maraging steel face that increases ball speeds, a high-density tungsten back weight to increase the MOI for more forgiveness, and 8-Lobe Trajectory Tuning just like in the driver.


The G410 LST fairway features a low CG position to produce longer shots that get airborne easier with a steeper landing angle to help hold greens better.

It's a smaller profile than the standard model, providing a versatile option from both the tee and fairway.


The G410 SFT fairway's smaller profile provides fade correction for golfers struggling with undesirable left-to-right ball flight for right handers.

Its larger head and higher lofts - 16, 19 and 23 degrees - help increase forgiveness and aid a higher launch.

RRP: £275


PING's first-ever adjustable hybrid allows golfers to customise their ball flight eight different ways through loft (+/- 1.5 degrees) and lie combinations for consistently better results.

Thinner and more flexible, the maraging steel face generates faster ball speeds and higher launch.

Its larger profile and high-density back weight provides added stabiity and elevates MOI for more forgiveness.

RRP: £225


With a thin, maraging steel face for faster ball speeds and a 30-gram dual-density tungsten toe weight to increase the MOI, the G410 Crossover combines the precision and control of an iron with the speed and forgiveness of a hybrid.

The G410 design is significantly shorter heel to toe and narrower in the sole than the G400.

Available in 2, 3 and 4, the stainless steel head sets up square and offers a clean, premium look with the gearing properties of an iron to allow precision shot making.

To ensure a solid feel and sound, the internal ribs are engineered to help stiffen the clubhead body.

RRP: £225


PING’s engineering team have created a face and cavity structure in the G410 game-improvement iron that delivers faster ball speeds and saves weight to expand the perimeter weighting.

The additional weight savings are concentrated in the toe and hosel to achieve an 8% increase in the MOI for more forgiveness and consistency.

Its more flexible, free-moving face amplifies ball speeds for greater distance and higher max  height, allowing golfers to hit less club into the green with the control and precision to hold the putting surface. This is achieved by de-coupling the weighting structure from the face to create a larger flexing zone, which performs like a hinge to launch the ball faster and higher with consistency and predictability.

The next generation of COR-Eye technology powers the performance in conjunction with the cascading sole design and deep top-rail undercut.

PING claims the iron's clean, refined shape results from a slightly shorter blade length and 10% less offset compared to the G400 iron, creating an inspiring blade-iron-style look with broad appeal. Its resilient hydropearl 2.0 finish also provides an attractive appearance and contributes to smooth turf interaction.

Using the same geometry as the Glide 2.0 wedge series, the grooves on the G410 PW, UW, SW and LW are precision machined with a sharper edge radius, increasing interaction with the cover of the ball at impact and creating more friction for improved spin and trajectory control.

RRP: £126 per club (steel), £136 (graphite)

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