Pulseroll launches into golf market at British Masters

Save 20% off all Pulseroll products, as used by British Masters host Justin Rose. 

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Mon, 15 Oct 2018


Pulseroll launched into the golf market at the British Masters at Walton Heath last week, with numerous European Tour players such as tournament host Justin Rose getting behind the new product.

The vibrating foam roller can be used during your warm up for softening the muscle tissue, cooling down after a workout and to massage various parts of the body.

Using the unique combination of pressure and vibration it will help loosen your muscles, increase blood flow and flush away lactic acid.

The vibrating foam roller is a super-versatile piece of exercise equipment that offers many benefits similar to a sports massage. It can be used in the gym, home or rehabilitation clinic to improve a person’s flexibility, balance and core muscle strength.




Use code GOLF20 for 20% off all Pulseroll products, with a % of sales going to the Kate & Justin Rose Foundation. 

European Tour golfer Jack Singh Brar is just one of a number of Pulseroll ambassadors.

“I have been benefiting from the Pulseroll Vibrating Foam Roller as part of my fitness regime and I can’t speak highly enough of the benefits," said Jack. "It has helped my training recovery and muscular pain which has been a great benefit to my golf game."

For more information visit pulseroll.com



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