Reader Review: adidas Tour 360 Knit shoes as worn by Dustin Johnson

GolfMagic reader Brian Tracy gives us an in-depth report on his new adidas Golf shoes.

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Wed, 19 Sep 2018
Reader Review: adidas Tour 360 Knit shoes as worn by Dustin Johnson

adidas Golf Tour 360 has been a market leader for as many years as I can remember, writes GolfMagic reader Brian Tracy.



In fact I first wore them 10 years ago with the white/limo combo of Tour 360 II.

Over the years I've probably owned another four pairs of various editions. adidas Golf has built on the success of each model through the years, and I currently have two pairs of Tour360 Boost v2.0 in rotation, including the rather awesome Boa version!

I was very happy to be trying out the hybrid mashup of old styling with new PrimeKnit upper of the Tour360 Knit shoes in white, which I won in GolfMagic's recent Dustin Johnson competition.

On first look from opening the box and you'll notice the speckled look to the Knit fabric on the top of the shoe, and the sock. Once you grab them you'll be shocked at how lightweight they feel.

The '50/50 waterproofing' covers the lower part of the upper and provides waterproofing below that level (with the byproduct of being easy to wipe clean on the sides too).

At a guess the waterproofing is probably good for showers and wet ground but not sure you'll get much protection in the full monsoon of the English winter!

Other noticeable things visible is the interior heel has large cushion pads, which kind of has a memory foam feel to it. This will hopefully mould to your heel and provide support.

The bottom of the shoe has 10 cleats for traction and also a very spiky centre section that runs centrally across the torsion bar of the shoe.

The famous boost cushioning visible across the length of the sole. I can't believe these won't keep your feet on the floor in all conditions!

Getting the shoe on your foot can be a little challenging at first. The tight entrance via the sock is simple to get past though when the laces are a little more open though. I found them a nice tight fit across the top and sides. Very snug indeed (a bit like wearing two pairs of tight socks!).

I do wonder with the snug properties of the PrimeKnit upper whether it would even be possible to wear them without doing up the laces, such is the fitment across the tops and sides of the foot moulding to your foot.

The lack of a tongue under the laces is a little unusual at first, as when adjusting the tightness of the laces it's hard to get your fingers under the laces. The tongue is effectively the integral sock and just sits in the right place all the time, and you hardly needed to do up the laces to maintain a good fit!

I would recommend checking the sizing of your shoes though and ensure you buy the ones that fit best with the PrimeKnit upper, as I think some people might find them too tight and choose a different sizing to ease this, but mine have been true to my usual adidas sizing. I believe the tightness is simply due to the PrimeKnit fabric being so snug to your foot.

I literally took the first opportunity to wear them out on the course, and was a little worried as we had experienced a large downpour for pretty much the whole of the day before. Would they leave me with soaking wet feet? Would they get covered in mud and be impossible to clean? Was it good idea to wear brand new shoes without any wearing in beforehand?

Well the answer to all my questions was a positive one. The muddy fairways never made any significant dirty marks to the shoes (a quick wipe with my bag towel after the round cleaned up the sides), my feet were 100% dry afterwards and after 18 holes the shoes felt like a cosy pair of slippers that I'd had for years.

I experienced no slippage during the swing or when walking up steep banks around the course, and they made no significant marks on the greens compared to any other pair of shoes I own. They were very comfortable to wear and the PrimeKnit upper is incredibly soft ... anybody that has ever worn leather shoes that crease across your toes and catch the top of your foot will be pleased to know that there is no chance of this happening as the top of the shoe is so supple!

Now heading into autumn and winter and temperatures dropping, I can attest that the Tour360 Knit is still comfortable in these conditions. It is most certainly not just a summer shoe. They look fine when wearing trousers, but I can imagine they excel in the hotter summer months with shorts for styling.


Overall I'm really impressed with them. They've been a pleasure to wear during the summer months, and I'll seriously consider wearing them over the winter should they continue to stand up to the test.  

Thanks GolfMagic, I love them. I'm actually quite tempted to get a pair in black now too!