'Ride-on-trolley' RolleyGolf rolls out improvements for 2017

Trolley is better for courses than a buggy and can drastically improve round times

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Mon, 19 Dec 2016
'Ride-on-trolley' RolleyGolf rolls out improvements for 2017

“Ride-on-trolley” RolleyGolf has announced new improvements for 2017.

The trolley is available at numerous clubs, and does less damage to courses than a buggy.

At a course in South Africa, the device is reported to have reduced round time from an average of over four hours to around two hours 40 minutes.

New features

  • Lightest ever chasis made from aircraft-grade titanium
  • Most powerful Twindrive system
  • Intelligent braking
  • Environment detection sensors
  • Wi-fi connectivity
  • Three-stage fully adjustable telescopic steering column with new twist grip allows for one hand steering
  • Extended walk-mode handle improves manoeuvrability
  • Refined silent motor

'Ride-on-trolley' RolleyGolf rolls out improvements for 2017

RolleyGolf founder Arnold Du Tout said “I designed the Rolley originally because I couldn’t find the exact product I wanted to add to my  golf experience. I wanted a different option to carrying, pushing electric trollies or driving a buggy.

“It had to be completely invented – we couldn’t just strap a golf bag to something that pre-existed. Golfers deserve true innovation. And we created it nearly 10 years ago. Since then we have refined it to become an award-winning piece of British engineering.

“For 2017, with the introduction of the RolleyOne 2017, we have been able to take it a stage further thanks to the team of master craftsmen and engineers driving the company. We believe it provides the ultimate ride and will change the way people move on a golf course for the foreseeable future.”

Next year there are four models, all of which are hand made in a UK studio.

  • RolleyOne: 18 holes at 8mph
  • Rolley One R: 36 holes or 8 hours battery life
  • RolleyOne S: top speed of 12.5mph, comes with mudguards
  • RolleyOne X: enhancements of S, endurance of R, and further performance accessories

Price: Start from £3,950

Head to the RolleyGolf website for more.