Sir Nick Faldo: "Ban golf tees" to stop golfers hitting it so far!

Faldo believes banning golf tees could be the answer to golf's distance debate...

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Thu, 30 Apr 2020
Sir Nick Faldo: "Ban golf tees" to stop golfers hitting it so far!

Sir Nick Faldo claims "banning" the use of tees would be one of the most logical ways to stop the world's best players on the PGA Tour from overpowering golf courses. 

Faldo, a six-time major winner, made his feelings known on Geoff Shackelford's podcast called the 'Shack Show'.

"If they banned tee pegs, if they went and played a tournament with no tee pegs, the guys would have to go out and alter their drivers," said Faldo.

"They'd say, 'Alright, you're allowed to place it on the grass.' You wouldn't be using [a driver that's] 6 degrees. You'd need to use one that can get airborne a bit. And that would seriously change it.


"Sure, they could hit 3-wood. And that would be their optimum. They could hit 3-wood off the ground, Rory would still hit it 285 yards in the air. But it'd be a tough hit to hit a driver off the deck.

"I think that's what we have to get out there. It's about the quality of the strike. And that would bring in a little more inconsistency."

Golf's governing bodies recently explained that continued driving distance increases are negatively impacting the game. USGA's Mike Davis recently said: "We want the cycle of distance increases to stop."

According to reports, the percentage of 320-yard-plus drives on the PGA Tour is a third higher in the last decade than it was from 2001-2010.

A total of 86 players on the PGA Tour currently drive the ball 300 yards or more on average on the PGA Tour.