Watch this long drive behemoth attempt a CRAZY world record!

Callaway ambassador World Long Drive champion Martin Borgmeier uses Callaway Paradym driver in effort to break the Guinness World Record for most drives over 300 yards in one hour.

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Tue, 18 Apr 2023
Watch this long drive behemoth attempt a CRAZY world record!

Martin Borgmeier, a World Long Drive champion and Callaway ambassador, embarked on a pursuit to break the Guinness World Record for most drives over 300 yards in just one hour late last month. 

The record he had to beat was 459, which was set by the USA's Lynn Ray back in 2016. Ray set that mark at Riverwalk Golf Club in San Diego, California.

Using the Callaway Paradym Driver and filmed on 27 March, the 31-year-old had exactly one hour to hit as many drives over 300 yards as he possibly could at London Golf Club. The club is both a European Tour Destination and a partner venue of Callaway's. 

GolfMagic recently had the opportunity to chat with Martin. You can watch the interview below:

Borgmeier, in order to break the record, was striving for one over-300 yard drive for every 7.8 seconds, pushing his physical and mental limits, and was able to use his friend Jacob as a partner. Jacob would re-set the ball and tee it up for him after each swing. 

Every drive Borgmeier hit was counted by the Guinness World Records adjudicator and their team of spotters. 

In the video posted to the DP World Tour YouTube channel that documents Borgmeier's journey and attempt, he explained how important a good driver is.

"My golf club is really just like the tyres in Formula 1," he said. "It's defining success or failure."

Borgmeier had cold and wet conditions on the day of the attempt as the elements were working against he and Jacob. However, could Borgmeier still pull off using his strength to set a new Guinness World Record?

Watch here:

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