Woods bags new GAPR 2-iron at Carnoustie

Adjustable GAPR club is three degrees stronger than his previous 2-iron. 

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Wed, 18 Jul 2018

Woods bags new GAPR 2-iron at Carnoustie

Tiger Woods has thrown the new TaylorMade GAPR 2-iron in the bag at Carnoustie.

Launched on Monday night, the adjustable GAPR trio of clubs boast SpeedFoam, as seen in the popular P790 irons, and come in a low, mid and high option.

Tiger’s “low” option is set at 17 degrees, three degrees stronger than his usual iron at 20 degrees.

“I took a few degrees off of it, just trying to be able to have the ability to chase one down there,” Woods said.

While he’s hitting the same distance - 245 to 250 yards – it’s getting there with a different trajectory, which he believes suits a baked Carnoustie this week.

“Obviously, it rolls out whereas mine back home, I've generally liked having it 20 degrees because I can hit the ball into the par 5s as an option,” he said. “This one's not really designed for hitting the ball in the air to par 5s as an option. It's more of a driving club.”

“If it softens up, it could be a good club,” he said. “If it doesn't soften up, then I might just add a degree to it and keep it a little softer and not have it so hot.”

In the GAPR clubs, TaylorMade designers set out to provide a golf club that offers distance, carry and control combined with consistent yardages and accuracy.

The three products allow golfers to choose a shape and distance required to achieve perfect gapping at the long end of your bag.