World Long Drive names Bridgestone Golf as official ball partner

Bridgestone Golf have announced a partnership with World Long Drive with the release of the e9 Long Drive golf ball ahead of the 2023 season.

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Wed, 8 Feb 2023
World Long Drive names Bridgestone Golf as official ball partner

World Long Drive [WLD] have announced a partnership with Bridgestone Golf. 

The news comes as Bridgestone introduces its e9 Long Drive ball, which was designed in conjunction with the WLDA. 

"We are thrilled to partner with Bridgestone Golf, bringing their most technologically-advanced golf ball to WLD," said president of GF Sports & Entertainment Shawn Tilger. 

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GF Sports & Entertainment helped broker the deal. 

"With Bridgestone at the forefront, World Long Drive is excited to showcase the best long hitters in the world with the top golf ball in the game," he added. 

What to know about the e9 Long Drive ball

Bridgestone engineers developed a ball that features a two-piece construction with injection molded seamless Surlyn cover and Bridgestone's Tour-proven 330-dimple pattern.

An extreme gradational core [softer in the centre, firmer toward the exterior] promotes explosive speed and lower long-game spin.

The uniquely-designed e9 Long Drive also offers higher launch, more carry, and more overall efficiency. 

"The new e9 Long Drive ball was engineered by Bridgestone Golf with help from WLD," said director of marketing for Bridgestone David Vorgin.

"We anticipate professional long drivers will take advantage of the e9's unique design to chase WLD records. Bridgestone Golf is confident the new e9 Long Drive ball will improve driving distance for professionals and recreational golfers alike."

When will World Long Drive return? 

WLD returns in 2023 with an expanded tour, the largest purse in the competition's history, and more than 50 total hours of programming by NBC Sports on Golf Channel over the course of the contract. 

The WLD Championship is the largest annual domestic professional golf event not associated with the PGA of America, the PGA Tour, or the LPGA.

It was first held in 1974, and since 2000 consisted of Open, women's, seniors and amateur events. 

The World Long Drive tour tees off March 10-12, in Mesquite, NV, culminating with the Championship October 18-22.

It will be held at Bobby Jones Golf Course in Atlanta, Georgia. 

GolfMagic chats to Kyle Berkshire

Speaking of WLD, GolfMagic recently had the opportunity to speak to two-time WLD champion Kyle Berkshire. 

Berkshire predicted that over the next decade one of the absolute must haves for players to have is a clubhead speed of 120mph.