XXIO celebrates 20 years of success in Japan

The brand claims the best is yet to come in Europe...

XXIO celebrates 20 years of success in Japan
XXIO celebrates 20 years of success in Japan

Srixon Sports Europe (SSE) is delighted to announce that XXIO golf clubs, as used by four-time major champion Ernie Els, have once again captured the title of best-selling golf clubs in Japan in 2019.

XXIO Series has now maintained its title as the top-selling line of golf clubs in Japan for twenty straight years, while in Europe, XXIO is the fastest growing premium golf brand.  

XXIO celebrates 20 years of success in Japan

Since its release in 2000, XXIO has consistently endeavored to provide outstanding carry distance, ease of launch and a pleasing sound at impact with its golf clubs. 

As a result, XXIO achieved the unprecedented feat of 20 consecutive years as the undisputed king of the Japanese golf club market. No other series of golf clubs has remained at the top of the sales charts for such a long time.

Sean Hanafusa, Japanese CEO of SSE, said: "We are grateful to all of the XXIO fans for their continued support. At the same time, Sumitomo Rubber Industries - Srixon Sports Europe owner - is committed to developing XXIO into a brand that helps more and more golfers get even more enjoyment out of the game of golf, so we hope that you will look forward to what the future holds in store for XXIO!"

The NEW XXIO Series develops two new features to enhance enjoyment of the game: innovative Weight Plus Technology concentrates more of a golf club’s weight in the grip to reduce the amount of force needed to support the club during the takeaway, which makes it easier for golfers to attain the ideal top-of-swing position.

Meanwhile, the new Flat Cup Face design further enhances overall rebound (i.e. COR) performance.

XXIO celebrates 20 years of success in Japan

The Japanese brand also recently introduced “XXIO X -eks-” as part of an overall rebranding strategy, which includes offering two distinct lineups of golf clubs for the eleventh generation of XXIO. A new logo has also been revealed for 2020, which symbolises the modernity and elegance of XXIO.

In Europe, the brand is the fast growing premium golf brand. 

Laurent Vincent, owner of Vincent Golf stores in the south of France and member of Eurogolf buying group: “XXIO has changed in a few years. From a confidential brand, it is now a must in our stores, where it enjoys an excellent - well-deserved - reputation and great loyalty from customers."

The year 2020 promises to be an exciting year for XXIO in Europe. In addition to the launch of the XXIO Eleven and X ranges, the brand will multiply club demos for golfers.

Benjamin Routhier, SSE Marketing Manager, said: "Faithful to the brand's slogan - Experience the Difference - we will offer customized on course test formats in partnership with our retailers. We will intensify our “XXIO Experience Days”, particularly in UK, Spain and France. In Spain, we are launching a XXIO Community program with a dedicated consumer website that will ultimately offer many benefits to our end customers."

XXIO Europe Instagram account has also been launched to share exclusive stories, product informations, videos and images with the fans from all over Europe and UK. 

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