Zen Green Stage and PuttView merge technology for ultimate putting experience

When it comes to practicing putting, does it get any better than this?

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Thu, 16 Feb 2017

Zen Green Stage and PuttView merge technology for ultimate putting experience


Zen Green Stage and PuttView have combined technology, offering golfers the chance to recreate any putt under 20 feet, before being shown the line and pace in order to hole out.


Zen Green Stage can recreate almost any putt on its synthetic turf, including double breaks, in seconds. PuttView then uses slope data to calculate and project a line onto the green, showing users the line of the putt.

The pace the golfer should hit the ball is shown by a moving line the user should imitate when putting.



Games are also available to make sessions more interesting, and users can use the “sketch mode”, allowing them to draw graphics or instructions on the surface using a tablet.

Animated targets can be placed anywhere on the putting surface, and a wide range of classic putts from the Tours or Ryder Cup are also programmed into the Zen Green Stage.

The product is designed to be sold to PGA Pros who want to take their putting lessons to the next level.

“I view it as being similar to an indoor bowling experience. Each year, the number of people who enjoy leisure putting away from a traditional golfing environment far outweighs the number of people who step onto a real golf course.” - Viewlicity's Lukas Posniak

(Augmented reality with PuttView) 

Customised versions offered, with the technologies available at a significant discount when bought together.

The technology will be on show at the Hamburg Golf Show, Irish Golf Expo and Scottish Golf Show.

See the Zen Green Stage website and the PuttView website for more.