Motocaddy S5 Connect electric trolley review

The Motocaddy S5 Connect, an electric trolley with GPS built into the handle , will be a hit in 2017

Accurate, simple to use, affordable

Like all great innovations, this new creation is so logical everyone is surprised they didn’t think of it.

Combining an electric trolley and GPS seems so obvious. 


But the challenge comes in seamlessly joining the two mechanisms into one. Almost ten years after Motocaddy started tinkering with the idea, they have finally brought the finished article to market.

The hibernation is over. Following an arduous labour the S5 Connect is birthed - and it’s outstanding.

We tested the Motocaddy S5 Connect on Bro Hof Slott's Stadium Course in Stockholm, Sweden. 


Giving the new @MotocaddyGolf S5 Connect electric trolley with built in GPS at test.

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Motocaddy App

Golfers need to download the free Motocaddy GPS App to use the trolley, available for iOS or Android devices. Motocaddy will have a list of phones the system is compatible with, as not every single Android device pairs up.  

Connecting to the trolley takes minutes and only needs to be done on the first use. Turn on bluetooth to sync the systems up, and find the course you are playing, from a list of over 36,000. Click “play now”, and you’re ready to go. 



You can then see an aerial view of the course, allowing golfers to view distances to front, middle, back or any spot on the hole you wish by dragging the marker.

You can skip through the holes with ease, and the map allows you to see a detailed illustration of the layout, taking the humble stroke saver out of business.

There’s also the ability to use the device in “power save mode” which means you won’t drain battery. But even if you do, it’s not a problem as there is a USB charging port in the underside of the handle.

In the power save mode, we only used 28% of our battery - and our round took over 5 and a half hours!


 GPS on handle

A quick glance down at the handle will show front, middle and back yardages, the hole you are on and the par.

We tested the yardages given against a laser rangefinder throughout the round, and found them to be spot on. Of course, you are not getting the exact yardage to the pin, but for most golfers, the three numbers provided will suffice.



For us, the back yardage was important. Miss-hit shots are a common nuisance for amateurs, which will cause golfers to lose distance, so choosing a club that will take you to the back of the green may be the best option. 

Push notifications also come through on the handle, notifying the player they have an email, text, missed call, or a range of app alerts. You can also control those that come through - so if you are waiting for an important call you can leave this service on, and turn off the rest.

There’s also a clock and a round timer, allowing you to check you’re keeping up with pace of play.


The electric trolley

Boasting the excellent performance of the S-Series from Motocaddy, the S5 Connect employs a fast, simple to use folding mechanism, a streamlined battery tray, and Adjustable Distance Control, allowing users to send their bag off on its own up to 45 meters. The Easilock system locks the bag into the trolley with ease, and makes sure it stays there no matter how rough the ride.

The trolley is easy to use, and moves through the gears with no trouble. As Motocaddy say, the best electric trolleys are those that you don't realise you are using. 

Combined with a Dry-Series Cart bag, which provides waterproof protection from the elements, the set-up looks superb, with a blue, black and white colour scheme everyone should like.

There is also a Downhill Control Version of the trolley (+£50), which maintains a constant speed when going downhill and also provides an electronic parking brake.



Accurate, simple to use, and at a great price - we think the Motocaddy S5 Connect is going to be a monumental hit in 2017, and has earned the nickname the "smart cart".

Tested against a range finder, the yardages provided on the handle and on the phone app were incredibly accurate, and provide most golfers with all the information they require.

Golfers are not overawed or bombarded by too much tech, meaning even the biggest technophobes will be able to navigate their way around.

It's easy to get the system linked up, and the trolley is simple to erect and collapse. 

Motocaddy have dovetailed trolley and GPS with apparent ease, and golfers are the biggest beneficiaries.  

Head to the Motocaddy website for more information. 

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