Omnix Golf Cart Bag and Stand Bag 2024 Review

GolfMagic tests out two of the boldest cart and stand bags on the market right now. 

Omnix Golf Cart Bag and Stand Bag 2024 Review
Omnix Golf Cart Bag and Stand Bag 2024 Review
Bold, lightweight, spacious, very comfortable, sturdy
Top end of market for price

If you are looking for a bold bag to dazzle the golf course and impress your playing partners, look no further than Chinese-based Omnix Golf in 2024. 

After paying the Omnix Golf stand a quick visit during the 2024 PGA Show in Orlando earlier this season, the company was kind enough to let GolfMagic test out two of its latest standout golf bags in the Rainbow 2.0 Cart Bag and Moxie Stand Bag

Omnix has a range of different bags on its website right now, including cart, stand, carry and even Sunday bags to suit all golfers. 

The company also stocks rangefinders, golf balls, shafts, travel covers and accessories. 

But it's Omnix Golf bags that we are solely focusing on in this review, in particular its cart and stand bag models. 

Omnix Golf states on its website: 

"We envisioned an unprecedented line of golf bags fusing functionality with edgy style. We crafted an array of bold colour combos and unconventional patterns. Unapologetically eccentric and highly capable Omnix golf bags will impress and inspire golfers on greens, fairways, bunkers, and IG feeds. Omnix golf bags illuminate the course and feed free spirits."

The brand most certainly lives up to its billing of bold colour combos and unconventional patterns, as you will see below. 

Let's get into it... 

Omnix Golf Cart Bag and Stand Bag 2024 Review
Omnix Golf Cart Bag and Stand Bag 2024 Review

Omnix Golf Rainbow 2.0 Cart Bag

Omnix Golf informs us this is the brand's best-selling cart bag. 

It's easy to see why too as it's spacious, light and packed full of key features. 

I guess the first thing to mention is the fact it's an incredibly bold golf bag, that looks even bolder when you pop on the hood. 

We tested the bag out in its 'Sex of the Beach 2.0' colour combination. 

Some of you will love the colour of this bag, while others of you likely won't. But personal taste is everything at the end of the day. 

The Omnix Golf Rainbow 2.0 Cart Bag comprises a 14-way divider system to ensure ample space for all of your golf clubs. 

On top of that, you've also got spacious pockets on both sides of the bag to tuck away all of your golf balls, gloves and accessories with ease. 

Other nice touches include a scratch-free phone compartment to ensure your phone is safe during the entirety of the round, a small pull-string loop for your golf towel, and a removable Omnix tag the size of a regulation golf hole for your putting practice. 

Sometimes it's the small things that make a big difference to a golf bag, and Omnix Golf has nailed it. 

We also noted it was incredibly light for a cart bag, ensuring an ease of lifting it to and from the car boot and onto a golf cart. 

Omnix Golf tells us the bag weighs just 7 lbs, so some golfers would also have no issues carrying this one around the course should they so wish, especially with the strap being so comfortable. 

Elsewhere, the bag is constructed with water-resistant materials, perfect for when the heavens opened during the round. 

The dual-zip hood as mentioned is very snazzy but it complements the bag nicely, and is obviously helpful when the rain comes down to ensure your clubs remain dry. 

All in all, a very bold golf cart bag that caters for all your possible needs. 

The only slight downside to the bag is that it's placed towards the top end of the market for a golf cart bag at $540. 

Package Includes:

  • x1 Cart Bag
  • x1 Dual-Zip Hood
  • x1 1 Cushioned Straight Strap
  • x 4 Removable Feet
  • x 1 Omnix Statement Tag

Now let's check out the Moxie Stand Bag...

Omnix Golf Moxie Stand Bag

If you are a lover of all things pink, this is very much a stand bag for you in 2024. 

The Moxie Stand Bag is once again bold in its design with a vivid white and pink colour combination. 

Some of you will love the splash of Barbie pink, while others of you might prefer something slightly more traditional. 

A nice touch from Omnix here is the offering of two hoods, so you can either dub things down slightly with a white hood, or turn up the volume some more with a pink hood. 

This stand bag has four spacious club wells to keep all of your golf clubs organised during the round, and it comes with ample pockets for all of your balls, gloves, GPS devices and accessories. 

It once again comprises nice little touches such as a scratch-free phone compartment and a removable Omnix tag the size of a regulation hole should you wish to practice your putting stroke at home or at the club.  

This bag is even lighter than the Rainbow 2.0 Cart Bag above, weighing in at 6.6 lbs. 

It honestly felt like a feather carrying it around the course, so a big tick in the lightweight property box for Omnix here. 

While light, it's also incredibly sturdy and that's largely down to it being made with 70% PU / 30% TPU, and it's once again constructed with water-resistant materials through the bag to ensure you enjoy maximum protection during downpours.

Another nice feature to the bag we noted was its adjustable cushioned cross-strap that was padded on the inside, and that very much aided our levels of comfort out on the course.

We also thought its stand was particularly sturdy, especially when the breeze picked up on the back nine.

When you splash out on a stand bag, comfort and sturdiness has to be of importance, and Omnix delivers on both fronts here. 

The only real negative is that it's priced at $400, which does put it towards the top of the market for a stand bag.

Package Includes:

  • x1 Stand Bag
  • x2 Dual-Zip Hoods
  • x 1 Cushioned Cross Strap
  • x 1 Omnix Statement Tag

Overall, two fantastic new bags from Omnix, and worthy new additions to the market. 

Both bags are light, spacious and packed full of key features to help you get the most out of your round of golf. 

If you are a lover of all things bold on the golf course, then you will definitely want to head over to the Omnix Golf website to check out the rest of their bag range this season. 

Check out the Omnix Golf website here

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