Vessel Golf Stand, Tour and Cart Bags Review

GolfMagic tests out three of the best stand, cart and Tour bags money can buy in 2024. 

Vessel Golf Stand, Tour and Cart Bags Review
Vessel Golf Stand, Tour and Cart Bags Review
As stylish as it gets in the golf bag market; so much space and storage for easy club selection and accessibility; comfortable straps ensure a smooth on-course experience; quality design
Top end of the market for price

Vessel has once again pulled it out the bag with their selection of new products.

After paying the Vessel stand a quick visit during the 2024 PGA Show in Orlando last month, the company was kind enough to let GolfMagic test out three of its latest standout golf bags in the Prime Mini Staff Bag, Lux XV 2.0 Cart Bag and Player IV Stand Bag

Each of these bags from Vessel provide a perfect option for golfers no matter their preferred style of getting around the course. 

Whether you are a stand, cart or Tour bag fan, Vessel has you covered in 2024.

All of Vessel's high quality golf bags are packed full of unique features, they are elegant in their design, and they each optimise convenience and accessibility to help you get the most out of your game. 

Let's take a closer look at each of them...

Vessel Player IV Stand Bag

RRP: £395

The next generation of Vessel’s best-selling Player Stand Bag, the IV epitomises the direction Vessel has taken their new bags in.

Vessel has not just settled with the same features as they are constantly evolving and discovering better ways to help you carry your clubs in comfort and style. 

Easily one of the standout features of the Player IV Stand Bag is the space it provides all of your clubs, and the ease at which to organise your bag without any faffing around.

How many times do you find yourself trying to stuff your iron back in the bag only for it to be wedged up against another club in the bag?! Well there are no such issues here. 

The upgrades Vessel has made to the Player Stand IV Bag include increased beverage storage, more purposeful pockets, and an internal base divider ensuring your grips are separated for effortless club retrieval.

Other instantly impressive features of the bag lie in its Tour-grade synthetic leather and beautiful matte finish. 

You just look the part standing on the tee! 

The Player IV also applies Vessel’s innovative technologies such as their equilibrium double strap and rotator base, allowing for maximum balance and immense stability.

Coupled with its high strap-attachment points, the technology eliminates any club fallout.

Exemplifying Vessel’s attention to detail is its carbon fibre legs on the bag. They are ultra lightweight, enhancing the bag’s strength to weight ratio.

Although we tested the bag in a stunning white finish, the Player IV Stand Bag also comes in five other colours to suit playing preferences. 


Vessel Lux XV 2.0 Cart Bag

RRP: £455

Next up, the gorgeous Lux XV 2.0 Cart Bag. 

Engineered for peak efficiency on a golf cart or trolley, the Vessel Lux XV 2.0 allows anyone to play their most organised round.

Each aspect of this golf bag has been crafted with cart specific attributes in mind as all of its pockets are accessible when the bag is strapped to a cart or trolley, and the upper pocket pod fits over a cart strap meaning it's not blocked or restricted.

The bag is called the XV because of its 15-way top, which features a velour-lined putter well and full-length divides allowing each of your golf clubs to have their own dedicated spot.

The Lux XV 2.0 Cart Bag has a total of 15 exterior and seven interior pockets all with waterproof zips, as well as its own battery pack pouch for those using electric trolleys.

This bag also has two personal pockets on either side, offering scratch free and waterproof protection.

But the features do not stop there as Vessel has designed antimicrobial linings to add a layer of sanitary protection to the pockets.

It's sometimes the finer things that go a long way when it comes to golf bags, and Vessel have certainly excelled here. 

As expected with Vessel bags, the material is top quality once again with the Lux XV 2.0 made of Tour-grade water and fade-resistant material, which allows you to play in any weather conditions. 

This cart bag is available in four different colours to suit playing preferences. 


Vessel Prime Mini Staff Bag

RRP: £545

Last, but certainly not least, the beautiful Prime Mini Staff Bag that will no doubt appeal to the better players amongst you. 

The Prime Mini Staff Bag has been modelled after Vessel’s most popular staff bag. 

This bag has incorporated all the Tour-inspired features you previously admired into a streamlined and compact design.

Wrapped in plush velour, its new 5-way top offers the most premium club protection for a staff bag on the market in 2024. 

Luxury material is used throughout this bag, with the velour lining found throughout, including a quick-access pocket at the top for swift retrieval that ensures a seamless and efficient process to club selection. 

The Prime Mini Staff Bag also has a large belly pocket with three internal mesh pockets, perfect for storing your golf essentials such as snacks and your outerwear. 

It also has a detachable belly panel giving you the opportunity to customise your bag how you see fit. 

Another nice touch we really like is the Vessel logo on the bottom of the bag, which looks great when you place the bag on its side. 

This staff bag is available in three different colours to suit playing preferences. 


Should you buy one of the new Vessel golf bags?

Whichever Vessel golf bag you choose, we can assure you that you will get the very best on the market. These golf bags are not only the most luxurious out there but they have been packed full of handy features that ensure your golf experience is as smooth as Rory McIlroy's golf swing. 

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