Motocaddy Accessories Review

Why not add some of these fantastic Motocaddy accessories to your Christmas list?

Motocaddy Accessories Review
Motocaddy Accessories Review
Easy to set up, add to your golf experience, improves enjoyment levels in poor weather conditions, affordable

Motocaddy produce phenomenal golf trolleys, be it push or electric, its full range features a wide variety of trolleys and bags, perfect for all golfers. I currently use the Motocaddy M5 Connect, a compact trolley that easily fits in your boot and when paired with the Motocaddy app, provides you with GPS distances for thousands of golf courses all over the world. Motocaddy not only produce first-class trolleys and bags, but also a range of accessories to add to your trolley.

The Accessory Station (£9.99) is vital if you want to add some other accessories on to your trolley. It's very simple to put on to your trolley and once it's on, there's no need to remove it. It comes with an allen key so that you can remove the four screws and place it on to your trolley, which only takes a matter of minutes. Once the accessory station is on your trolley, you can fit up to four accessories. Bare in mind, there is a different accessory station if you have an S-Series Motocaddy trolley.

In GolfMagic's opinion, the Umbrella Holder (£19.99) is one of the most important accessories to add to your Motocaddy trolley. Of course, using a trolley means youo have more freedom with your arms than if you were carrying, so holding an umbrella isn't an issue, but you still have those annoying moments of putting the umbrella up and down in between shots, or awkwardly balancing it on your bag or the floor. The umbrella holder allows you to easily attach your umbrella to your trolley at a height that suits you, so that your clubs are always staying dry and you can simply walk along the course while keeping sheltered from the rain.

Most umbrellas will fit into the attachment, but the Clearview Umbrella (£34.99) from Motocaddy is a fantastic addition to your bag and the two clear panels mean you can see what is ahead of you much easier than if you were using an ordinary umbrella.

The Motocaddy M-Series Hedgehog Wheels (£74.99) are perfect for winter golf. When the grass is much wetter and you find your wheels are picking up a lot of mud and struggling to roll through certain areas of turf, you'll find your trolley experience much smoother if you switch to the Hedgehog Wheels. They pick up less mud and reduce turf drag in wet weather.

The Motocaddy Hot Mitts (£44.99) are new to the Motocaddy range and are an absolute gamechanger. The mitts attach to the handle of your trolley using the velcro straps and you simply plug them in to the USB portal underneath the handle. Once turned on, the electric heat layer warms the mitts to keep your hands warm in the coldest of conditions.

Other accessories available include a drink golder, scorecard holder, deluxe trolley towel, a device cradle and much more. The Motocaddy accessories are affordable and extremely useful, making your game even more enjoyable in poor conditions.

For more information on Motocaddy accessories, click here.

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