Srixon Q-STAR Tour golf ball review

The best value for money golf ball on the market in 2020...

Srixon Q-STAR Tour golf ball review
Srixon Q-STAR Tour golf ball review
Srixon's longest ever golf ball; spins as you would expect for a Srixon Tour ball; fantastic alignment aid for improved confidence on the greens; terrific value for money
The straight line could put you off on second shots if it's pointing at the trees left of the green

Seeking added distance off the tee and loads of spin from a three-piece Tour performance golf ball at a very reasonable price? Look no further than the all-new third generation Srixon Q-STAR Tour golf ball.

Now available in both Pure White and Tour Yellow in the UK and Ireland for £35 per dozen, the impressive Q-STAR Tour represents one of our favourite new golf balls for the year ahead. 

From the moment we opened its grey and black box and peeled out a sleeve, we could not help but instantly be drawn to the alignment stamping on the ball. 

We love a straight line on a golf ball, especially when putting as it really helps lock us into the putt. This was an early box ticked before we had even struck it. 

I guess the only disadvantage of having a straight line on the ball is on a second shot where you can't clean your ball and align it. For example, the line could be pointing into the trees left of the green as you're looking down on it. That doesn't bother us too much, but it could annoy some golfers out there. 

Srixon Q-STAR Tour golf ball review

Pegging this ball up on the tee, and there is no question you get a little more firepower out of the Q-STAR Tour ball than any other previous Tour-caliber ball from the brand. We'll go as far to say at least five yards of added distance.

Why? Well the extra bit of gym work has helped, of course, but Srixon has in fact enhanced this golf ball with a new FastLayer Core that delivers more ball speed and distance. 

The foundation of the Q-STAR Tour is the FastLayer Core. With its gradual transition from soft inner core to firm outer edge, FastLayer behaves like a core with thousands of layers, delivering distance and soft feel without compromise.

Distance is also enhanced with Srixon's 338 Speed Dimple Pattern that provides a penetrating ball flight in just about any condition. 

If there is one thing you are always guaranteed with just about any Srixon golf ball, it's spin. Thankfully this one does not disappoint with its SeRM urethane cover creating maximum spin and stopping power with those short irons into the green.

The SeRM urethane cover digs deep into wedge and iron grooves, dramatically increasing friction at impact. 

Another positive is that the feel of this ball is so buttery and soft, and it keeps you coming back for more. If you are a solid ball striker, you will adore this ball. 

Srixon Q-STAR Tour golf ball review


Probably the longest ball in Srixon's history, and holds its line nicely off the tee.

It excels most into and around the greens with bundles of spin to give you all the control you could possibly wish for with your wedges.

Distance control with the short irons has felt spot on from both the short grass and even out the deeper rough during testing. 

Its bold alignment stamp is as good as it gets, especially when putting as it aids plenty of confidence over the ball. 

When you compare this ball to other Tour-level golf balls, you have to believe the Q-STAR Tour is the best-value-for-money ball of the lot at £35 per dozen. 

High praise indeed, but this has to be our favourite Srixon ball of all time. 

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