CaddyTalk minimi golf rangefinder: "Light, sleek and very smart!"

The CaddyTalk minimi rangefinder perfectly blocks hand shaking and locks you in to your target. 

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Andy Roberts
Tue, 11 Apr 2023
CaddyTalk minimi golf rangefinder: "Light, sleek and very smart!"

Need To Know

Sleek and compact sized; quick and easy to use; vibrates when locked in to your target; no hand shaking with tacky sections on the sides; multiple slope tech for the most accurate readings; clever light system for playing partners; sturdy pouch for maximum protection
No magnet to place on a golf cart; it may be too light for some golfers
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PRICE: £265.00 YEAR: from 2023

If you are seeking the smartest and sleekest golf rangefinder on the market, look no further than the CaddyTalk minimi.

In fact we were so impressed with this product that it went straight in to our Best Golf Rangefinder guide for 2023. 

The pocket-sized CaddyTalk minimi rangefinder weighs 135g, so it weighs in as one of the lightest on the market. But despite being so compact, it packs a serious punch, too. 

We took the CaddyTalk minimi rangefinder out onto the course to assess its overall performance and see whether all its key features are worth the hefty investment. 

CaddyTalk minimi golf rangefinder - What's in the box? 

Straight out the box, you're greeted with a strong, sturdy pouch that fits the minimi device snugly inside. The pouch can be attached to your golf bag, which is a nice touch, although we noted there is no magnet for you to attach it to a golf cart. 

While the CaddyTalk minimi might be small in stature, it has an array of key features to get excited about. The standout features are its Magic Slope and e-Slope functions, which we'll come onto in more detail below. But effectively these give you the most accurate readings based on whether you are situated below or above the height of the green. It also caters for humidity and temperature, which also blew our mind. 

The CaddyTalk minimi also possesses a remarkably clear lens with 6x zoom, a pin finder function and a vibration alert to make sure you're picking out the flag and not the tree situated 50 yards behind the back of the green! 

The product also comes with a USB cable to charge it. We've been using this product for a number of rounds now and haven't needed to even touch the USB yet, testament to its long-lasting battery. 

CaddyTalk minimi golf rangefinder - Performance

The performance of the CaddyTalk minimi is up there with the best of the best in 2023. 

Let's start with its remarkably clever Magic Slope function, which instantly appealed to us here at 'GolfMagic'.

The Magic Slope mode gives you the exact distance to your target based on height and ball trajectory. It effectively caters for whether you are above or below the level of the green, and we love that. Playing shots at different heights can have a big impact on the distance of your golf ball, and the CaddyTalk minimi works it all out for you. 

We'll also add this device allows you to toggle between metres and yards depending on your preference on the course. 

We found the Magic Slope function to be incredibly useful on a number of par-3 holes where the tee box was situated well above the green. It might be one or two yards of extra consideration you need to give the shot in hand, but those yards can make all the difference of clearing the slope at the front of the green and having a 10 footer for birdie rather than a 50 footer that we're more than likely going to three-putt. 

If you are playing a golf course well above sea level, for example, this rangefinder would come in seriously useful. You could be looking at around 10 yards of difference to all of your yardages. 

You can also take advantage of an e-Slope function with the CaddyTalk minimi rangefinder. This mode will recommend you a yardage based on things such as humidity and temperature. It's another incredibly useful element to give consideration to on the golf course. It's like having a portable caddie out there with you as it's effectively working out the exact yardage for your shot. Okay, you will still need to figure out the wind direction, but that's nothing a few blades of grass can't tell you! 

What we also like about this product is that it lets your playing partners know if a slope mode is being used with its LED indicator bar. As many of you will know, you cannot use slope functionality in tournament play. The minimi will flash green when slope mode is activated, and it will flash red when it's been disabled. You could possibly argue these colours could be the other way round, but as long as you explain this to your playing partners then you'll have no issues. 

Should you use slope functionality in tournament play, you would be DQ'd, so just remember that. However, in your practice rounds, knock yourself out and light this thing up in green and take full advantage of it! 

You can almost teach yourself new tricks with this product as it helps you learn the differences in your yardages based on different factors in front of you. Not every hole you play is flat at the end of the day. 

Another nice touch is that this rangefinder uses a jolt system that vibrates to fully lock you in on the flag stick. It has a pin finder system that ensures you do actually find the pin rather than that lone tree situated behind the green.

But probably the best aspect of the CaddyTalk minimi rangefinder lies in its simplicity. As we say, it's light and sleek which is great, and it possesses a number of great features to help you shoot lower scores, but it's just a quick and easy device to get your head around.

Things are made even easier with its very clear 6x zoom lens, which is up there with the best we have experienced on a laser rangefinder.

It's also waterproof, which adds even further appeal. 

CaddyTalk minimi golf rangefinder - Design and Build

As we've already touched upon, the CaddyTalk minimi is one of the smallest and sleekest rangefinders on the market today. We also admire its curved look, which sets it against its rivals in the market. It just doesn't get any sleeker than this one, it's a very cool golf laser indeed.

Some of you will love how light this product is at 135g, while others of you might want something a bit heavier to hold on to. That's really personal preference, but here at GolfMagic, we think the overall design and build of the minimi is superb. 

It could easily fit in your pocket but we would highly recommend you attach it to your golf bag and place it in its pouch to ensure you don't damage it. 

We also really like the tacky sections at both sides of the minmi as this ensures a firm grip of this device. You can also press a button to block out any hand shaking on the device. It will keep things steady for you no matter what your hand is doing. This gives you complete control. 

As well as pure white, the minimi is also available in an all-black design. 

Should you buy the CaddyTalk minimi golf rangefinder?

Absolutely, we can't get enough of the CaddyTalk minimi. This rangefinder is right up there with the best on the market in 2023. 

Its compact, sleek, stylish and light, but most importantly it gives you very accurate and pinpoint yardages. We found it very easy to use and we love its slope functionality, especially when playing holes where the tee boxes are raised well above the green.

If you don't tend to play on flat golf courses, we think you should definitely take a closer look at the CaddyTalk mimimi rangefinder.

While the Shot Scope Pro LX+ is without doubt our favourite golf rangefinder on the market in 2023, simply as a result of its game improvement features, the CaddyTalk minimi is right up there with one of the best. It's certainly got the sleekest and smartest design!