Gogogo Sport VPro Golf Rangefinder Review

GolfMagic tests out one of the best value golf rangefinders on the market.

Gogogo Sport VPro Golf Rangefinder Review
Gogogo Sport VPro Golf Rangefinder Review
Fantastic value for money, lovely ergonomic design that is comfortable to hold, quick and easy to use
There are better overall performing rangefinders, but they will come at a price

Gogogo Sport VPro Rangefinder Key Features

  • High-precision distance measurement with functions such as continuous range readings, ARC (angle range compensation), pin seeker and flag-lock vibration
  • Measuring range from 5 to 650 yards with +/- 1m high accuracy and 6x magnification
  • Fully multi-coated optics lens effectively reduces reflected light  

If you are looking to save money in the golf laser rangefinder world and want something that will still help dial in your yardages, then look no further than the handy Gogogo Sport VPro that is available for under $100. 

The VPro from Gogogo Sport is beautifully packaged, feels comfortable to hold and is thankfully very easy to get to grips with. 


It's also really quick to give you a yardage, which is what we always look for when it comes to using a laser rangefinder. 

Let's take a closer look at it...

Gogogo Sport VPro
Gogogo Sport VPro

Gogogo Sport VPro Rangefinder - Performance

One of the best features of the Gogogo Sport VPro is its pin-seeking, flag-lock vibration for all of your approach shots. 

Let's face it, there is nothing worse than locating that lone tree in the background and ending up 30 yards over the back of the green. Thankfully there are no such issues here as you hold down the power button to lock the pin. 

The VPro has plenty of other key features to get excited about, in particular ARC (angle range compensation) to ensure no matter where you are on the golf course, even if you are on the other fairway, you will have the perfect possible yardage to the pin. 

Gogogo also offers you the chance to purchase this product with a slope switch to 650 yards or 1200 yards. If you typically play fairly flat golf courses then stick with the 650 offering, but if you do play a lot of courses at elevation then it's probably worth the extra bit of cash for the 1200 model. 

As we always make clear to you, the slope mode cannot be used in tournament play. 

The VPro has a nice ergonomic design
The VPro has a nice ergonomic design

You can also purchase the VPro with a magnet, which will be perfect for you if you like to drive around in a golf cart - or if you have something magnetic on your golf bag. 

The VPro also has a solid measuring range of up to 650 yards with a +/- 1m high accuracy and 6x magnification. While that's not the strongest on the market, it still does the job for you. 

The device also has a multi-coated optics lens that effectively reduces reflected light to give you a clear picture in front of you. 

As we touched on at the top of this review, this rangefinder is particularly comfortable to hold to your face. 

It's also nice and compact, so it does not take up a huge amount of space in the bag. 

We also really appreciated its cool pouch that ties nicely to the bag as you walk round the course. 

Gogogo Sport VPro
Gogogo Sport VPro

Key Specifications: 

      Magnification: 6X

      Field of view: 7°

      Objective lens: 25mm

      Eyepiece lens: 16mm

      Exit pupil diameter: 3.9mm

      Laser Type: 905nm

      Lens Coatings: Fully Multi-Coated (FMC)

      Battery: AAA Battery (Not Included)

      Measuring Time: 0.5-1 sec

      Distance Measuring Accuracy: ±1m

      Angle Measure Range: ±45°

      Slope Measure Range: ±20°

      Pinseeker Range:5Y-150Y/5-170Y

      Measurement Distance Range:5-650Y

      Measurement Speed Range:0-300km/h


      Net Weight: 184g

      Low Battery Indicator: Yes

      FlagPole-lock: Yes

      Scan Mode: Yes

Should you buy the Gogogo Sport VPro Rangefinder?

While there are definitely better performing golf rangefinders on the market this season, such as the Shot Scope Pro ZR, the Gogogo Sport VPro certainly packs a punch. 

At less than $100 in all of its different VPro models, that is some two or three times cheaper than many other leading rangefinders in 2024. 

We would definitely recommend this product if you want a decent rangefinder, especially if you want to save a bit of money for other areas of your game.  

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