Cobra Darkspeed Hybrid Review

GolfMagic tests out the new Cobra Darkspeed hybrid.

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Thu, 11 Jan 2024
Cobra Darkspeed Hybrid

Need To Know

One of the longest hybrids of 2024, sleek stealthy design looks fantastic, very reasonable price point
Potentially too much roll out for attacking greens
Our score:
PRICE: £229.00 YEAR: from 2024

Cobra Darkspeed Hybrid: Key Features

  • PWRSHELL insert and suspended PWR-BRIDGE design: create a more flexible face and sole for penetrating launch and maximum ball speed
  • A.I. designed H.O.T. Face: features an optimised variable thickness pattern that delivers more efficient speed & spin across the clubface
  • 12g sole weight: positioned as low as possible to promote high, towering ball flights for maximum carry distance

Much like the invention of the iPod, the creation of the first hybrid club was a needle mover in the golf industry. Who invented the first hybrid? Well, of course, it was Cobra who launched the Baffler in 1998. 

Fast forward 26 years, and the inventors have fine-tuned their craft, building a club that still bears some degree of resemblance to the original.

While the design has been refined over time, the idea remains the same: the hybrid is primarily used as a long iron replacement to provide additional distance, height and forgiveness for amateur golfers. 

So, with that in mind, Cobra has set out to create a high-launching, easy-to-hit option that can be utilised for long shots.

How has Cobra done that? It has used a variety of different technologies, including a 12g sole weight, PWRSHELL insert, PWR-BRIDGE weighting and an A.I designed H.O.T face.

What do all those terms mean? Well, effectively, Cobra has designed the club to have weight tactically placed in the head to promote the desired characteristics golfers want to see and engineered a club face that has a variable thickness that can deliver efficient spin rates and ball speeds across the entirety of the striking surface (for those pesky poor strikes).

To see if all of the tech under the hood could produce an end product, we took the hybrid out to Spain to test it at the beautiful La Hacienda golf course before getting it on the simulator to crunch some data.

Let's get into it. 

Player Level

Both long and forgiving, with a high launch, the Darkspeed Hybrid could be a fantastic long-game solution for golfers of all abilities. 
Anyone playing with a handicap of scratch up to 20 could utilise the club well.

Cobra Darkspeed Hybrid: Looks and Feel

Staying consistent with the Darkspeed woods and drivers, the hybrid also features a totally blacked-out design. We've waxed lyrical about the design of this range before but we're more than willing to do it again. 

The full matte black colour scheme works so well with these clubs, giving them a stealthy/futuristic feel. If you're looking for bright colours, you might have to look elsewhere, as these clubs are as dark as midnight. 

In terms of shape, the Darkspeed is one of the more refined designs this year, with other brands opting for slightly chunkier silhouettes.

While that is by no means a bad thing, those who like to see plenty of the club behind the ball might find this a little thinner than what they would typically go for. 

In terms of feel, the club is very punchy. The hollow head construction provides plenty of power, and the sensation felt at impact is very solid.

The sound produced is a healthy crack; it certainly sounds hollow, but that's what we've come to expect from modern hybrid clubs. 

Cobra Darkspeed Hybrid: Performance and Forgiveness

The designers at Cobra set a high bar for the engineers to follow, and we're pleased to tell you they've lept over it as it wasn't even there.

This hybrid is sensational and is one of the longest flagship hybrids of 2024. Producing low spin, a high flight and a carry distance that will make you reconsider ever hitting a driver again, this club absolutely stunned us during testing.

As you can see from above, this hybrid is an absolute rocket, and while the figures shown above are for a player with a very high swing speed, we also tested it at a swing speed of closer to 100 mph, and it was still outrageously powerful. 

While the distance we were able to achieve with this club was impressive, one thing we would have loved to have seen would have been slightly more stopping power, and that's where the trade-off lies. 

This club is long due to its low-spinning nature, but as a result, we also found the ball was rolling out consistently about 20 yards. Now, that will come in very handy off the tee, but when it comes to holding greens, it might be a bit of a problem for some. 

While this is an issue all low-spinning options can face, it's worth noting if a hybrid is what you generally use to attack greens. 

In terms of forgiveness, we were once again impressed. Our level of left-to-right disparity was very minimal, and even from strikes slightly out of the toe or heel, we found that speed was kept remarkably high. 

In terms of ease of launch, this hybrid is one of the best. Both off the tee and from the fairway, we found the club did an excellent job compressing the ball and working with the turf without ever digging in. 

In conclusion, we have to hand it to Cobra. They've made an excellent club that delivers everything you could want at the top end of your bag.

While forgiveness and feel are excellent, a special mention has to go to the distance this hybrid can produce, comfortably being one of the longest in 2024.

Should you buy the Cobra Darkspeed Hybrid?

Comfortably one of the longest hybrids of 2024, the Darkspeed would make an excellent addition to anyone's bag who is looking to add distance to their long game. Coupled with a high launch and low spin, this club is perfect for tackling long par 3s and second shots into demanding par 5s. 

When you combine that level of performance with the club's outstanding looks and reasonable price point, the Darkspeed sits at the top of the pile as one of the standout clubs of 2024.

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