TaylorMade Qi10 Rescue Review

GolfMagic tests out the new TaylorMade Qi10 Rescue.

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Tue, 9 Jan 2024
TaylorMade Qi10 Hybrid

Need To Know

A fantastic blend of distance, forgiveness and versatility, carbon crown looks fantastic behind the ball
The white line on the top of the face may not suit the eye of every golfer
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PRICE: £269.00 YEAR: from 2024

TaylorMade Qi10 Rescue: Key Features

  • Carbon crown: frees up mass for optimal weight distribution and forgiveness
  • Internal split weighting and low CG: produces long-distance and easy, high-launch
  • V Steel sole: improve turf interaction and versatility

TaylorMade's new range of Qi10 rescuess features three distinct models: the Qi10, Qi10 Max and Qi10 Tour

Perhaps the most versatile club in any golfer's bag, the rescue is specifically designed to provide distance forgiveness and versatility in equal measure. 

With TaylorMade's new Qi10 range, they have attempted to tick all three of those boxes. Utilising an internal split weighting system, a V steel sole, and a new carbon crown, The Qi10 has been designed to be the most balanced member of the Qi10 family and will likely be the most commonly used amongst amateurs and Tour players. 

To see how it stacked up against the best rescues of 2024, we took it out to Spain for some on-course testing before putting it through its paces on a GQ Quad launch monitor at Custom Golf Works in Woking.

Let's get into it.

Player Level
The Qi10 rescue would be best suited to mid to high-handicap players who want to add an ideal combination of distance and forgiveness to the top end of their bag. 
For those who prioritise forgiveness from their rescues, the Qi10 Max would be better suited. 

TaylorMade Qi10 rescue: Looks and Feel

TaylorMade has remained consistent with its crowns throughout the rescue, driver, and fairway wood lines, sticking with an understated gloss carbon finish. We are big fans of this look and think it's a noticeable upgrade from the Stealth 2.

The shape of the head is nicely rounded and one of the more traditional designs we have seen so far this year. 

Down at address, you can see plenty of clubs behind the ball, and thanks to a newly designed face, there is also a white line visible where the crown meets the face. While the jury is still out on this design choice for us, for those who like to see the loft on their clubs, this could be a big plus. 

Flip the club over, and much like the Fairway Woods in the Qi10 range, things have been kept relatively simple with a silver and black design featuring splashes of colour in the form of the Qi10 branding. 

While by no means offensive, this design is certainly less appealing than what we have seen from both Callaway and Cobra this year; however, as always, looks are subjective, this is just our opinion.

The feel we experienced through impact with the Qi10 rescue was very solid. We did experience additional feedback from strikes across the face, which was to be expected, but on the whole, the sensation when striking the ball was very satisfactory. 

You can certainly feel the hollow construction of the clubhead, but while it's perhaps not as enjoyable as a sweetly struck long iron, it certainly feels very powerful and almost slightly springy. 

TaylorMade Qi10 Rescue: Performance and Forgiveness

When analysing the performance data we received from the Qi10, one thing really stuck out to us, and that was just how straight we were able to hit it. In terms of distance this model finished fairly middle of the pack compared to its competitors this year. However, in terms of offline dispersion, it was comfortably the most forgiving. 

Throughout testing both on the course and on the simulator, the Qi10 was consistently the straightest rescue we hit and also retained ball speeds and spin rates very effectively across the face. 

Out on the course, we found this rescue very easy to launch from the fairway, and it also produced a suitably high ball flight in order for it to be usable to attack greens as well as become a trustworthy fairway finder. 

The Qi10 was also effective at making light work of the first cut of rough, enabling us to use it from a variety of lies and locations. 

versatility is what makes rescues such useful tools, and the Qi10 certainly excelled at being a bit of a Swiss army knife during the various rounds in which we had it in the bag. 

Overall, the Qi10 performed incredibly well across the board, providing ample distance, excellent spin rates and above all best in class forgiveness. 

Should you buy the TaylorMade Qi10 Rescue?

The Qi10 is certainly worth consideration if you are looking for a rescue that provides excellent levels of forgiveness without sacrificing distance or looks.

If you have purchased a rescue in the last two years, then it's unlikely you are going to see a dramatic enough improvement in performance to justify the price tag. However, if you're well due an upgrade in the rescue department, then the Qi10 is without a doubt one of the best of 2024. 

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