L.A.B. Golf MEZZ MAX Custom Putter Review

GolfMagic Equipment Editor Alex Lodge assessed the performance of the L.A.B Golf MEZZ Max putter, one of the most expensive models in the game.

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Matt Chivers
Sat, 22 Oct 2022
It's Happened AGAIN! L.A.B. Golf MEZZ.1 MAX Custom Putter Review

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- The L.A.B Golf MEZZ Max putter is designed to make your putting effortless. - The custom alignment aid is very helpful, as well as the forward press in the shaft and grip.
- $559.00 is very expensive
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PRICE: £480.00 YEAR: from 2022

L.A.B Golf has released the new MEZZ Max putter for 2022. The brand specialises in putters which have been used on the PGA Tour by the likes of Adam Scott.

L.A.B stands for 'lie, angle and balance'. Perfection in these areas is what the brand focuses on with each putter and it is evident with the MEZZ Max model.

This putter is designed to make your putting stroke effortless and although it may take time to get used to this club, it is constructed to completely maximise performance.

You can custom-fit this club on the website and online purchasing is the only way of getting your hands on one of these premium golf putters.

GolfMagic Equipment Editor Alex Lodge took the L.A.B Golf MEZZ Max putter to Mannings Heath Golf and Wine Estate to assess its performance and to find out if it's one of the best golf putters of the year.

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What is the L.A.B Golf MEZZ Max putter all about?

L.A.B Golf putters are designed to stay completely square throughout your putting stroke. The design is meant to make your putting stroke effortless and aid the tempo of your swing on the greens.

MEZZ is the brand's new putter range for 2022 and we got our hands on the MEZZ Max model, which is 20% bigger than the standard MEZZ in heal to toe length.

The MEZZ Max can be customised online which is a helpful and innovative feature. You can choose your own colours as well as custom-fit your own lie, angle and balance.

The shaft and the grip are designed with a forward press. You may see some players on the PGA Tour, DP World Tour or the LIV Golf Tour moving their hands forwards to create a forward press before hitting a putt. This putter's design has integrated that style.

The alignment feature, which can be chosen by yourself through custom fitting, is very clear and helps you to line up your golf ball. The alignment aid is a simple but effective feature.

This putter is one of the most expensive clubs in this market at $559.00. However, this golf putter encourages effortlessness and more than any putter before, it does a lot of work for you.

Which golfer suits the L.A.B Golf MEZZ Max putter?

If you are just starting your golf career, it is wise to gradually build your spending in correlation with your game improvement and the amount of time you spend on the golf course.

Spending $559.00 on a putter as a beginner isn't advisable. A purchase on this scale would suit golfers in a more advanced stage and it is these golfers we would recommend this putter for.

Looks and feel

When we tested this golf putter, we found it hard to get used to because of the design and construction of the head. However, you will grow more and more confident with more time spent with it.

The aesthetics of the L.A.B Golf MEZZ Max putter are very pleasing. It is very dark in colour with silver components on the bottom. It is a very striking design and one that will, no doubt, stand out on shop shelves.

The sound off the clubface is very muted and quiet which is different to most other putters which have a metallic feel. The connection is soft off the face which makes the roll feel satisfying.


It is difficult to recommend buying a putter that is worth over $500 to our readers. It is a risk to buy the L.A.B Golf MEZZ Max putter because if you don't get on with it, you've already gone through great expense.

You can only buy this club online too. Nonetheless, the custom fitting feature on the website is very good because you can manipulate the club to suit your putting stroke.

Despite the price, the L.A.B Golf MEZZ Max putter is very impressive. The effortlessness, the alignment aid and the soft feel all add up to a club which is highly likely to improve your short game.

We would certainly recommend this model over the standard MEZZ design because with a bigger head comes more forgiveness and more confidence in your putting.