TRUE Linkswear LUX Hybrid Golf Shoes: "Athletic, stylish, light and comfortable"

If you are looking for an athletic pair of spikeless golf shoes offering extreme comfort and terrific traction then look no further than the TRUE Linkswear LUX Hybrid.

Incredibly comfortable and stylish; terrific traction; beautifully packaged; come with a two-year waterproof warranty
Likely want to go up half a size as the insole is fairly thick; priced towards top end of market

TRUE Linkswear LUX Hybrid Features: 

TRUE Linkswear might be a new name for many of you out there, but the brand is going places and fast! This forward-thinking golf shoe brand is worn by a number of PGA Tour players and former European Ryder Cup player Oliver Wilson is now a partner of the brand. 

Two-time DP World Tour winner Wilson recently sat down with GolfMagic at The Open Championship at Royal Liverpool to give us the lowdown on his partnership with TRUE Linkswear so if you haven't yet read that feature you can check it out here

As for this review, we are taking a look at one of the company's hottest new models around, the LUX Hybrid golf shoe in a beautiful High Vis White design. 

We have been so impressed with the TRUE Linkswear LUX Hybrid that it has gone straight into our Best Golf Shoes guide. 

The LUX Hybrid features a number of key features including a new adaptive Sport Knit Technology that provides a comfortable and stable feel out there on the course. 

It also comes with a spikeless rubber tread for terrific levels of traction and waterproof technology to ensure you can wear this spikeless golf shoes all throughout the season should you so wish. 

Right without further ado, let's take a closer look at the TRUE Linkswear LUX Hybrid.

TRUE Linkswear LUX Hybrid: Looks

First things first, the packaging provided by TRUE Linkswear is top drawer and arguably better than any golf shoe brand out there. 

Your TRUE golf shoe will come presented in a beautfiully presented shoe box. 

Before you have even slipped them on, you are already impressed by the brand. 

Out of the box and the High Vis White colour instantly appealed to us in its modern, athletic silhouette. 

These shoes are also available in Black, Grey or Admiral colour combinations so there is plenty of choice. 

We really appreciated the 100% Napa Leather Saddle that has a camo look to it. 

The shoe also comes with a Heel Lock System and Achilles Heel Pad to ensure an easy on-off fit and stable feel. 

Underneath, you have a Tour tested tread for maximum traction. 

The shoes are particularly lightweight, which was another positive for us. 

TRUE Linkswear LUX Hybrid: Comfort and Performance

While the looks of these shoes are impressive, thankfully the actual comfort and performance is even better. 

The TRUE Linkswear LUX Hybrid golf shoes give you an instant locked-in feel from the moment you step inside. 

The width of these shoes felt great, but we would recommend going up half a size to ensure maximum comfort as the insole is fairly thick. 

We would have to go as far as to say these are in the top three golf shoes we have tested this season for overall comfort.

At times it feels like you are walking on a bed of feathers, and that is testament to the design team at TRUE Linkswear. 

In terms of overall performance, these shoes tick plenty of boxes with a very stable lock-in feel thanks to the heel cup and terrific levels of traction for the duration of the round.

We have yet to slip on any full swings, and we have also been playing in some fairly dodgy weather of late.

That's a result of the Tour tested tread, which has been worked on extensively by Wilson and the rest of the TRUE team. 

We have worn these golf shoes for more than a month now and the High Vis White is still alive and they have been very easy to keep clean with the wipe of a wet cloth. 

Another benefit of these golf shoes is their ability to deal with the rain and sodden course conditions.

TRUE Linkswear LUX Hybrid golf shoes have been tested to a 100k Dynamic Rating and their waterproof knit upper comes with a two-year warranty to give you peace of mind. 

We have worn these golf shoes in teaming rain and have been left remarkably impressed with just how dry our feet have felt at the end of the round. 

They do cost a fair chunk of change at £185, but these impressive spikeless golf shoes can be worn all-year round should you so wish.

For that reason and given all their key features we have touched on, we think you definitely get your money's worth and more with the TRUE Linkswear LUX Hybrid. 

Should you purchase the TRUE Linkswear LUX Hybrid? 

TRUE Linkswear might be a new brand for many of you, but their LUX Hybrid really deserves close attention if you are in the market for an athletic pair of premium golf shoes that are lightweight, comfortable and incredibly stylish. 

They are not the cheapest pair of golf shoes around this season, but can you really put a price on walking on a bed of feathers? 

TRUE Linkswear LUX Hybrid golf shoes should definitely be towards the top of your list if you are in the market for a new pair of spikeless golf shoes right now. 

You will not be disappointed with your purchase we can assure you! 

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