Best Golf Shoes 2023: Buyer’s Guide and things you need to know

Your guide to the best golf shoes of 2023 and all the things you need to know ahead of splashing the cash on your newest pair of footwear. 

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Tue, 14 Mar 2023
Best Golf Shoes 2022: Buyer’s Guide and things you need to know

Picking up one of the very best new golf shoes on the market can dramatically improve your game.

With so much extra comfort and stability being offered by the biggest golf shoe brands, your feet have never felt so much love on a golf course before. 

We appreciate with so many different choices available in today's market, that purchasing decision to find the best golf shoe to suit your game can prove something of a minefield. 

But fear not, as GolfMagic is here to help. 

With the help of our Equipment Editor Alex Lodge, we have put together the ultimate buyers’ guide featuring the very best men’s golf shoes, compiling a number of different products and listing their benefits, prices and suitability.

Whether you prefer a spikeless golf shoe to a traditional spiked golf shoe or you like dark colours over light ones to avoid them becoming quickly discoloured, we’ve got you covered.

Our latest guide on the best golf shoes for 2023 will be regularly updated throughout the year with all of our latest golf shoe reviews. So be sure to keep coming back here to check it out. 

We’ve tested dozens of golf shoes from the likes of FootJoy, Under Armour, PUMA, New Balance, Duca Del Cosma and ECCO and describe why they are the best footwear options for you.

Best golf shoes overall: PUMA Proadapt Alphacat
Best golf shoe for comfort: Under Armour HOVR Drive 2
Best athletic golf shoe: FootJoy HyperFlex Carbon
Best hybrid golf shoe: ECCO BIOM C4
Best for fashion conscious golfers: Nike Air Jordan 1 Low G
Best golf shoe for traditionalists: Duca Del Cosma Churchill

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How do we test golf shoes?

Testing golf shoes is very different to testing golf clubs. There is much less technology involved and fewer mechanics to consider.

However, GolfMagic Equipment Editor Alex Lodge rigorously tests the best golf shoes by wearing them over a number of weeks and months to assess their performance.

Over time, Alex assesses the shoe’s durability, comfort and stability on the golf course. He also judges the aesthetics and design of each model to decide which golfers are suited to a certain type of golf shoe.

Does the colour wear away after some time? Does the lacing in this shoe allow for maximum comfort? Is the underfoot spiking delivering stability?

Alex tests all golf shoes in a number of different weather conditions to get a well-rounded view of how they perform when challenged by dry and wet conditions.

Best Golf Shoes 2022

Not every golf shoe this year can deliver the optimum combination of performance and comfort. You need to be able to pick out the best from the worst and invest in that option.

Let’s take a closer look at what we consider to be the very best golf shoes on the market in 2022, starting with our favourite of the bunch: 

1. PUMA Proadapt Alphacat

Price: £120


  • Extremely comfortable
  • Guaranteed lightweight performance
  • Increased traction and grip
  • Increased stability with Adapt Foam


  • White colour scheme will be hard to keep clean.

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PUMA has installed all-new Adapt Foam which blends high-grade EVA material with impact-resistant styrene to instil stability in your feet and your swing. With increased stability, we found that your stance remains still and doesn't slip when taking your swing. This is vitally important because your golf shoes should aid your performance as much as possible.

We found the benefit of the impact-resistant styrene which reduces the chances of your feet slipping during your swing. This is where the Proadapt outsole also benefits your game. We discovered this feature increased traction and helped to dig into the ground and plant your body in a stable fashion.

The Proadapt Alphacat golf shoe is made with compression-moulded EVA material which means it’s light. A light pair of golf shoes produces less stress and pressure on your feet and this is exactly what we found when testing the Proadapt Alphacat’s over a number of rounds. They remain comfortable even for long rounds.

It comes with low-boot construction and lace closure for a snug and comfortable fit. We are huge fans of the lace closure which contributes to its overall stability. There are also two colourways you can choose from: white, orange and grey or grey, white and blue. We particularly liked the white, orange and grey design.

You can slip into the Alphacat shoe straight away with no 'wearing period'. The first round of golf felt like we had been wearing them for months. This shoe was so comfortable that we even wore it on non-golfing occasions and it held up to the test. The shoe is extremely stable, meaning that in poor weather conditions they weren't hindering our golf game.


Best golf shoe overall: With high levels of comfort, this shoe will benefit many types of golfers. Older golfers would be positively impacted by comfort-based technology. Also, young players will appreciate the sleek and athletic look.


2. Under Armour HOVR Drive 2

Price: £139.95


  • Come in spiked and spikeless versions
  • Breathable and comfortable shoe
  • Shoes can cool and dry all year round with special material
  • One-year waterproof guarantee
  • Increased stability with special spikes


  • Not the best-looking shoe

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The waterproof performance of these knitted golf shoes is what impressed us so much. Their durability features have helped them to become one of the most popular models of golf footwear in 2022.

The microfibre upper helps the shoes to cool and dry all year round. We discovered the benefit of this feature which allows the shoes to cope with harsh weather conditions. This is important because if they cannot dry from wet weather conditions quickly, they will not be suitable to wear in the winter.

The Under Armour HOVR moulded EVA footbed is a fantastic feature which we found very comfortable. It really does guarantee stability and also allows for maximum energy return. This is vital because the shoe will positively maximise the movement of your feet during your golf swing.

The midsole technology encourages natural movement in your feet and your swing, eliminating any negative movement at impact when you strike your golf ball. We found this feature works well and is how these golf shoes maximise your performance on the golf course.

The UA Rotational Resistance spikes can be compared to the traction we saw in the PUMA Proadapt Alphacat golf shoes. These spikes help to prevent your feet from twisting in the ground, therefore, instilling stability and reducing drag. We found that reduced twisting helps your swing remain consistent.

Out of all of the shoes we have reviewed, this one certainly represents the ultimate package. We were particularly impressed with the durability of the shoe considering that it isn’t as expensive as other top brands in the golf shoe market.


Best golf shoes for comfort: The Under Armour HOVR Drive 2 golf shoe is the perfect shoe for any golfer that is looking for ultimate comfort and ultimate grip on the golf course. If you are looking for an all-weather shoe and a model that prioritises durability over looks, this could be the one for you.


3. FootJoy HyperFlex Carbon 

Price: £159.99


  • Incredibly comfortable
  • Very stable, keeps you grounded
  • New splash of colour a big plus
  • Durable in all weather conditions
  • Fully waterproof


  • Standard size a little larger than normal

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Without doubt our favourite athletic golf shoe in 2023. 

While carbon is not completely new to sports shoes, for example, you do see this used in running, it's great to see FJ adapting and putting carbon in this shoe to increase the performance of a very popular HyperFlex golf shoe. 

But alongside all this stability comes tons of comfort. This is achieved by the brand's StratoFoam and FTF+ that comes with a 100% waterproof upper mesh. 

You are also aided by an OrthoLite Impressions FitBed that gives you a snug feel from the moment you jump inside them. 

While the stability, comfort and waterproof properties of this shoe make it the perfect golf shoe to wear all-year round, that feeling is only further strengthened when we realised just how easy it is to clean. It's just a very durable golf shoe. 

Despite wearing these fresh white shoes for a fair while now, we have noted just how good they still look. You can see for yourself by checking out our review of these shoes in the video above. 

These are the perfect golf shoes for anyone looking to improve their power as they keep you nicely connected to the ground and give you that firm base to unleash your biggest drives of all time. 


4. ECCO Biom C4 

Price: £134.99


  • One-year waterproof guarantee
  • Very durable
  • Comfortable
  • Can be worn on social occasions


  • White colour scheme gets dirty easily 

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The ECCO Biom C4 is a spikeless golf shoe that can be worn both on and off the course, which makes it very appealing for people who haven’t found a suitable pair of trainers for going out. This is one of the shoe’s key strengths and this is what makes it so appealing.

Let’s focus on the course, though. It is crafted from durable leather with micro-perforated embossing and includes Gore-Tex surround waterproof technology. The waterproof technology is one of the most important features of a golf shoe and we experienced this first-hand.

The Exhaust Grid technology grabs fresh air and feeds it to the sole of your feet. With a superb fit and feel, we found that this helps your feet to remain comfortable and refreshed at every stage of your round. 

We found that this shoe was both comfortable and had a sufficient amount of grip underfoot on the course and this is a result of the Fluidform comfort technology. This feature provides a cushioned feel and flexibility and we found this to make playing golf much more enjoyable.

This shoe is also full of grip and traction and this is a result of the ECCO MTN grip. This also offers rotational support which was clear to see as you walk the golf course. The ECCO Biom C4 is one of the best hybrid golf shoes of 2022 and although we noticed a slight colour fade after wearing them over a long time, we were still very pleased with their performance and stability.


Best hybrid golf shoe: As this is a hybrid shoe, it can be worn on any social occasion, so the ECCO Biom C4 is suitable for any golfer.

However, if you are looking for an athletic and smart shoe that can serve you on and off the course, saving money at the same time, this shoe is definitely suitable for younger golfers.


5. FootJoy Pro SL 

Price: £159.99


  • Extreme comfort on top part of the shoe
  • Stable model
  • Durable in all weather conditions
  • Relaxing experience on golf course
  • One-year waterproof guarantee


  • BOA lacing is comfortable, but there are more comfortable shoes than this.

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The FootJoy Pro SL is an expensive golf shoe but it will represent a sound investment in your game because of its looks and performance. The BOA lacing, StratoFoam midsole and ChromoSkin leather combine to produce a very stable golf shoe.

We found the BOA lacing to offer good levels of comfort underfoot, but it is not the most comfortable shoe in this guide. However, you can easily adjust the tightness of your shoes with the twist of a button at the back of the shoe. This is both convenient and practical.

We were impressed with the ChromoSkin leather by Pittards because this is a lightweight, thin but durable material which is perfect for relieving stress on your feet and keeping them warm and dry in harsh conditions. When we tested the FootJoy Pro SL golf shoes, we were impressed with how the lightweight material aids performance by exerting less pressure on your feet.

The FootJoy Pro SL golf shoes also come with Fine-Tuned Foam (FTF) which provides extra cushioning and shock absorption. You will read a lot about shock absorption and impact reduction throughout this guide. It is a common feature that we have picked up on with each shoe and the FootJoy Pro SL golf shoes also utilise this technology to reduce any negative effects of impact on the movement of your feet.

We were impressed with the high levels of comfort these shoes provide. You will enjoy playing golf with this mightily impressive footwear option. It has a clean and smart design that can be worn both on and off the course.



6. FootJoy Fuel

Price: £134.99


  • Athletic and modern look appeals to many golfers
  • Waterproof guarantee
  • Increased grip and stability
  • Easy surface to remove dirt and mud
  • One of most impressive shoes of 2022


  • Not quite as supportive as the competition

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The FootJoy Fuel offers a refreshing, more modern aesthetic than other FootJoy shoes. It’s a shoe that is sporty and vibrant and although the FJ Fuel is light, it is incredibly comfy and supportive.

The streamlined waterproof synthetic upper delivers an extremely comfortable fit and we experienced this when testing them on the golf course. Comfort is important because any aches and pains in your feet can ruin your swing and therefore, your round.

The Stability Bridge is one of the most impressive parts of this shoe. It guarantees composure maintenance, further comfort and added durability. Over a number of rounds, we found it to show good durability. However, we also found that the shoe was not entirely supportive when compared to other options. This would be the only negative.

The FootJoy Fuel golf shoes are constructed with Flex Last technology which delivers an athletic look. We were a big fan of this look and this is why this design is aesthetically pleasing for golfers who want a shoe that resembles a trainer. The exaggerated platform in this golf shoe also adds to the athletic look.

This technology adds a degree of toe-spring which we vaguely noticed when testing the shoes. The toe-spring effect is meant to aid performance by allowing your feet to move freely during your swing while maintaining stability.

The FootJoy Fuel golf shoes also come with a Power Stabiliser outsole. This provides traction which has been proven by players at the highest level of the game. We thought the grip underfoot was enhanced by this added traction which is an important part of any golf shoe.



7. Nike Air Jordan 1 Low G

Price: £114.95 £89.99


  • One of the best looking spikeless shoes on the market
  • Great summer golf shoe
  • Air bubble in heel cushion provides excellent comfort and support
  • Great value for money at current reduced price


  • Traction great for summer golf but will be called into question during your wetter rounds of the year

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The Nike Jordan 1 Low golf shoes are a must buy for golfing sneakerheads.

The lack of technical features compared to something like the PUMA Proadapt Alphacat Golf Shoes is more than made up for with the shoe’s timeless looks, ensuring you won't look out of place wearing these beyond the 18th hole.

The out of the box comfort is fantastic, which we have come to expect from Nike.

Slipping on the Air Jordan 1 Low golf shoes for the first time was like putting on a pair of your favourite slippers. 

The Heritage Traction outsole and forefront pivot circle also provides excellent grip. 

Having worn the shoes for a number of rounds now, the leather holds up well to dirt but the synthetic tongue and laces do get dirty quite quickly, and in the winter months I could see these shoes getting dirtier than you might like.

With that in mind, a great choice for your summer golf but you will need a dedicated wet-weather shoe if you intend to play golf in bad weather. 

But at a reduced £89.99, you don’t have to break the bank to look as good as PGA Tour star Tony Finau plays. 



8. New Balance 997 Waterproof Spiked

Price: £139.99


  • One of the most athletic and versatile golf shoes out there
  • Suitable for summer and winter
  • Increased durability
  • Increased comfort and stability
  • Fully Waterproof


  • Doesn't keep you as locked to the ground quite as nicely as others when around the green
  • Limited shoe sizes

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A real surprise to us given this is the first ever New Balance shoe we have ever tested.

This is a really versatile golf shoe that is snug, comfortable and pleasingly 100% waterproof to ensure you can battle every type of weather condition.

Its Abzorb Midsole gives you a lovely cushioned feel on your walk around the course. 

This piece of tech gives you a bed of foam cushioning that makes you feel like you are walking on clouds. 

The shoe felt soft on the feet, testament to its athletic-looking trainer design.

You also have CUSH+ Insole packed into this shoe, which is equipped with a new foam compound to give you a nice responsive and bouncy feel that will keep you on your toes all the way to the 19th. 

We also appreciated the shoe's NDuranace rubber outsole that is desgined for natural motion. We noted terrific stability on just about every shot, testament to its strategically placed FastTwist 3.0 removable Pulsar cleats. 

You could probably argue there are better golf shoes out there that will keep you locked to the ground a bit more, especially on those delicate flop shots around the green or in the greenside bunker, but they did a good job. 



9. Duca Del Cosma Churchill

Price: £184.99


  • Nappa leather and sock system creates all-weather purpose
  • Suitable for summer and winter
  • Increased durability
  • Increased comfort and stability
  • Waterproof


  • Can’t be used in all weather conditions.

Although Duca Del Cosma is not a brand you will instantly recognise, it has produced a fantastic hand-crafted shoe which should be on your radar.

The Breathable Arneflex memory foam insert sole is one of the most significant additions to this shoe and we noticed the benefits of this particular feature. Although on the surface, they look like a pair of smart shoes, this memory foam insert sole provides a good level of comfort which is extremely important on the golf course.

This feature also contributes to the waterproof nature of the shoe. However, if you are looking for a shoe that performs in all weather conditions, this isn’t the shoe for you. If you are looking for a smart addition to your golf wardrobe for the summer, then the Duca Del Cosma Churchill product is highly suitable.

It is a very stylish hand-crafted golf shoe made with an Italian Nappa leather upper and recycled cork which delivers a traditional but at the same time unique look. We immediately saw the difference between this design and another such as the FootJoy Fuel,  which has a modern, athletic look.

The Airplay XI spineless outsole promotes stability in the shoe and although we wouldn’t recommend its use in wet, winter months, we still experienced a degree of grip and stability when swinging out on the fairways.


Best golf shoes for traditionalists: The Duca Del Cosma Churchill shoe suits older golfers who don’t want to purchase a sporty shoe and would prefer something traditional.



Types of golf shoes

There are a variety of golf shoes on offer to golfers nowadays, but the main options are spiked and spikeless models. Spiked models are traditional and really, they are the go-to style for your next pair of golf shoes. Spikes offer grip and stability in all types of weather conditions.

Spikeless golf shoes are becoming very popular and this is because they are designed with comfort and looks in mind. They largely appeal to young golfers who are looking for a modern and athletic look on the golf course. Spikeless golf shoes offer more relief for your feet than spiked models and new technology has enabled spikeless models to become durable.

You can also purchase a golf boot, however, this is extremely rare. This type of shoe is very waterproof and it is primarily designed to protect your feet in the winter. Although they are heavier than regular golf shoes, they offer good protection in cold and wet weather.


As you have probably gathered from our golf shoe reviews above, a multitude of materials go into the construction of golf footwear and this is why you see some big prices on your screen.

Leather is a very popular choice in the game and this is because leather makes golf shoes durable, waterproof and tight-fitting. Leather is more breathable than most materials and leather shoes are a good option for both summer and winter golf. Some golf shoes start at high prices because of their leather construction, but you are investing in a well-constructed and reliable product.

Gore-Tex is a high-quality material that is very thick and water-resistant. When you tee it up in the winter months, you should consider a pair of golf shoes constructed with Gore-Tex because this will mean the product is breathable, waterproof and it will feel significantly warmer than a leather shoe.

Synthetic materials are also used to construct golf shoes. This is a cheaper material than leather which spreads over the top of the shoe to protect the outer surface. It is thinner than leather and in general, shoes made with synthetic materials are cheaper because they are not as protective and breathable.

Type of golf shoe spikes

Traction is important on the bottom of your golf shoes and plastic spikes are the most popular type in the game. These are soft spikes that cause less damage to greens than metal spikes. They are usually wider which distributes the weight of the spikes across a larger area. Plastic spikes are regularly found on new golf shoes and they are more comfortable on your feet as you walk on dry summer ground or wet winter terrain.

Metal spikes are slowly leaving the game and this is because they aren’t as comfortable as plastic spikes. They cause more damage to greens and fairways and although some professional golfers use them, they could also cause pain when walking on hard ground. Some golf courses prohibit metal spikes because of the damage they can cause to golf courses.


You won’t be surprised to hear that traditional laces are the most common types of lacing systems found in golf shoes. They allow the player to tighten or loosen the grip of the shoes around their feet.

However, if you want to experience something different, we would highly recommend using shoes with a proprietary lacing system. They operate by using a mechanical lacing system that provides constant stability. They are very easy to use with just the twist of a circle and your laces become looser or tighter, depending on what you need. Although this type of lacing system is more expensive, they are very practical and comfortable too.

Looking after your golf shoes

You can buy the best golf shoe for your game, but if you neglect them and don’t maintain their qualities over time, their effect could be diminished and you may not get the best out of them.

If you have a pair of spiked golf shoes, make sure you keep an eye on the spikes. If they become too worn, you should replace them which can be done easily with a tool. If you leave your spikes to become small stumps, they can be very hard to replace, which is why spike maintenance is very important.

If you have just played in the rain and your shoes are soaked on the inside, make sure you dry them out when you return home. Maybe warm them up or fill them with paper in order to take the moisture out, but don’t leave this task until your next round because you don’t want wet feet as soon as you step on to the golf course.

If you are concerned about buying shoes that don’t become a good fit on the golf course, you can use a custom-fitting session to make sure you have the right pair for you. It may cost you a little more cash, but the fitters will make sure your feet are a perfect fit in every inch of the shoe.