Warwick House Clothing Review

GolfMagic tests and reviews one of the latest apparel brands to hit the market, Warwick House Clothing.

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Wed, 8 Jan 2020
Warwick House Clothing Review

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High quality, comfortable, modern, stylish, affordable.
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PRICE: £20.00 YEAR: from 2020

We at GolfMagic love testing out new kit and especially trying on the latest apparel from upcoming brands, and that’s exactly what we did with Warwick House Golf.

Warwick House Golf was started by Tom Scaysbrook, when he couldn’t find a piece of clothing that had a modern look and the comfort he desired, and here was born Warwick House Golf.

‘Years back Tom was placed in Warwick House at his secondary school, this is where he met 6 friends and together fell in love with golf and many other sports.

Moving into their 20's this group of 6 would play golf week in week out and within no time a hobby had become a passion and that passion became an obsession.

The very first piece of WH clothing was adorned with an iron on drawing of a local nesting swallow drawn by Tom’s wife. The swallow logo embodies the migration of golfers as they follow the sun for warmer climates to play the beautiful game.’


We received a selection from the signature collection that included the ¼ zip gilet, wool cap and Polo shirt in Mint. The parcel also included some bespoke Warwick branded tees – a fantastic extra touch. We can honestly say you can instantly tell that all the products are made to the highest quality using the best materials available, by the feel and looks.

The swallow logo is minimal but will be easily recognisable and adds some fantastic detail to the products. On the gilet – our favourite piece, extra details are added with a line of the swallow logos down the middle at the back of the piece. This is made from a 4 way stretch Polyester Cotton mix, which makes it extremely comfortable and durable.

You can tell that a lot of hard work, time and love has gone into producing the pieces and it shows. If you are after something different than what the generic brands can offer, then Warwick House is the brand for you.  Also with their competitive prices too you won’t be disappointed. We are sure they have got plenty more products in the pipeline too for 2020, so keep an eye out for them.

A homegrown supplier of premium golf wear that provides excellent comfort, fit and tech. Well worth considering.


1/4 Zip Signature Gilet - £50.00
Signature Polo - £40.00
Signature Wool Cap - £20.00

For more information on the brand please visit: www.warwickhouse.golf

Instagram: @warwickhousegolf